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The main things to consider when purchasing a space heater is the area you are heating, the insulation properties and the power source of your heater. A commercial space heater user tends to have larger heating requirements such as warehouses, usually have a larger area to heat or may require heating for energy hungry industrial application. A good example of this is a client looking to heat a warehouse (+100kW heating requirement). They need to decide which fuel is best to use to efficiency balance the buildings energy supplies i.e. gas , electricity or oil. For large areas that require electric space heating, the first thing to asses is the incoming electrical mains supply to the building. Electric heaters are limited as they have a low efficiency and will consume around 4.1A@240V~50Hz of electrical power to produce 1 kW of heat. Most commercial premises have three phase (415V~50Hz in the UK) incoming electrical mains supply which is useful for spreading the electrical load of electric heaters. Most single phase electric space heaters have a power limitation of 3kW to 6kW(max). Any electric heater over 6kW requires a three phase 415V electrical supply.

How Much Space Heating Power Is Required For My Area?

How much heating power is require for an area is worked out by a simple calculation. A basic rule of thumb is a minimum of 33watts(W) per meters cubed (m3). So, if an area is 10 Meters x 5 Meters x 3 Meters the total cubic metering of the room will be 150 meters cubed. Therefore 150 x 33 = 4950 Watts of heating required. If you need a figure in BTU, times the final kW heating figure by 3412.

Why Gas Does Not Have A Huge Energy Pull On A Buildings Supply When Compared To Electricity

If you have mains gas in the building a heating requirement for a building of 30kW is not a problem, but for an electric heater that would be 125A which can take a huge chunk of a warehouse or commercial buildings electrical supply incomer of 100A per phase. This is why many commercial buildings with limited electricity supplies use air heat pumps such as air conditioning heat pumps or gas heating. For spot heating large areas, direct electric heating such as fan heaters and oil filled radiators can be un-economical use of power but are useful for localized heating. Propane and gas style heaters are compact and have a large capacity heat output from its fuel source when compared to the foot print of a similar electric space heater.

Another Example: An area(A) of 250 m3 requires (A)250x33(W)= 8.25 Kw (x 3412= 28000 Btu)

We have a huge range of industrial space heaters for sale from 2kW to 100kW. Brands including Olympus JetHeat, Broughton and Kroll all renowned for their high quality and outstanding reliability. These brands comes in single and three phase 50Hz.


What Is The Best Heater For Home Space Heating?

A home user generally does not have huge heating requirements and will usually only want a heater to plug into their local socket or gas heating for convenient hassle free heat. Electric heaters are the main choice for spot heating a room and most popular are oil filled radiators, fan heaters, ceramic heaters, and halogen heaters. Smaller ceramic heaters are robust and compact, and have become a very efficient way of heating but lack large outputs of a fan heater or oil filled radiator. A halogen heater is effective, fast to heat and also has the by-product of giving off light which may be useful to some users. The most popular is the oil filled radiator and probably the most comfortable to live with as the heat is radiant so does not tend to dry the air. Convection heaters are compact and generally wall mounted for a compact and reliable form of heating. If you cant decide which heater is best for you why not take a look at our rental heater range.

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