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V-Tec VT3338 UV-C Germicidal Ozone Lamp with Radar & Remote Control 220~240V 50/60Hz

V-Tec VT3338 UV-C Germicidal Ozone Lamp with Radar & Remote Control 220~240V 50/60Hz

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New product for 2020 

V-Tec VT3338 Germicidal Lamp with Ozone (UV & Ozone) Double Protection. Portable germicidal UV cleaning lamp light with radar sensor and remote control. 

The V-Tec VT3338 UV-C germicidal lamp is designed to sterilise an area up to 60 Meters square killing bacteria & disinfecting the entire space it is placed in. Ideal for schools, offices, hospitals, restaurant, home and any high occupancy area. The VT3338 gives the user the peace of mind the living area is cleansed of pathogens. The V-Tec VT3338 has a very high output 38W UV-C lamp so powerful it would damage eyes and skin. UV-C light is found high in the earth’s atmosphere and is usually filtered out or at very low levels when it reaches the earth’s surface. This UV-C lamp system produces a strong waveform of light (254nm) making the area being treated inhospitable for micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, and pathogens after a short time. The V-Tec VT3338 UV-C germicidal lamp can sterilise and disinfect the entire space, without being affected by obstacles. Includes remote control.

Technical Specifications:

Watts Input : 38W 220~240V  50/60Hz

Material: Plastic

Delay Timer : 10 Seconds

Timer on Remote Control & On/Off Switch: 15/30/60 Minutes

Size: 17.5X17.5X44.2CM

Coverage Area : 60 Square Meters

UV Light: 254nm

Lamp Life : Up to 8000 hrs

Display Screen : Working time & status display

Radar Sensor : Working distance above 5m

Remote Control: Working distance above 8m

Instruction Light: LED instruction working Light


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