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Toshiba Air Conditioning RAS Wall Mounted Digital Heat Pump Inverter 5Kw to 7Kw A+

Toshiba Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Digital Heat Pump Inverter RAV-SM806KRT-E 7.1Kw/24000Btu A+ 240V~50Hz

Toshiba Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Digital Heat Pump Inverter RAV-SM806KRT-E 7.1Kw/24000Btu A+ 240V~50Hz

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A+ Rated energy product

The Toshiba digital inverter brings state of the art inverter technology to the domestic and commercial sector, offering considerable advantages in terms of capacity, energy savings and optimised control, utilising the smallest physical dimensions and lightest range of outdoor units in the industry. The RAV-SM806KRT-E has a slim-line design and its attractiveness means the unit is highly suitable for offices, restaurants and other applications where design and aesthetics is required. Offering auto louver control to provide excellent air distribution with low noise levels combined with high efficiency.
The RAV-SM566KRT-E has fan blades that are designed to reduce the turbulence with ‘anti-eddy’ pro-tuberance structures and reverse curved profile. In this way, despite a more compact coil, airflow has been increased and sound power decreased. With a high standard air flow of  840 m3/hr the RAV-SM-KRT-E  offers a fast blast of air to cool or heat a room within minutes to provide a comfortable environment fast and effectively.
Remote control (WH-L11SE) infra-red:

With the RAV-SM566KRT-E you can have Full control including service functions with a fully programmable optional 7 day timer function. This is ideal commercial offices where you can set a timer for heating/cooling to be activated before the employees/customers enter the air conditioned room so that the environment is already in a comfortable temperature rather than having to wait.

Key product Features:
  • High COP – 3.42. High COP means the running costs of the unit are reduced.
  • Self cleaning function
  • R22 and R407c replacement Technology
  • Wireless remote control with pre-set functions accessible with dedicated buttons
  • Auto louvre mode allows optimum air distribution
  • Attractive design
  • High-performance operation, using digital inverter control system
  • Option of hard wired remote controller
  • Operating Range - Cooling -15°C to +43°C / Heating -15°C to +15°C
Technical Specifications:


Cooling Capacity (kW) 7.1 (1.9 - 8.0)
Heating Capacity (kW) 8.0 (1.3 - 10.6)
UK Total Cooling / Sensible Cooling Capacity
UK Heating Capacity
6.70 / 4.70
Operating Range Cooling / Heating (°C) 43 to -15 / 15 to -20
EER / SEER / ESEER 3.21 / 5.88 / 7.00
Seasonal Energy Consumption (kWh/a) 422
Energy Efficiency Class 2.21 / A+
COP / SCOP / ESCOP 3.42 / 3.87 / 4.79
Seasonal Energy Consumption (kWh/a) 2534
Energy Efficiency Class 2.34 / A

Standard Air Flow H/M/L (l/s) 283 / 208 / 183
Standard Air Flow H/M/L (m3/h) 1020 / 750 / 660
Sound Pressure Level H/M/L (dBA) 47 / 41 / 36
Sound Power Level H/M/L (dBA) 62 / 56 / 51
Height / Width / Depth (mm) 320 / 1050 / 228
Total Weight (kg) 12
Gas Side (mm / “) 15.9 - 5/8
Liquid Side (mm / “) 9.5 - 3/8
Drain Port (inner/outer) (mm) 14 / 16
Power Cable From Outdoor To Indoor
Remote Controller (Standard Supplied)
3 core + earth
WH-L11SE - (Infra-Red)

Standard Air Flow
Standard Air Flow
Sound Pressure Level Cooling / Heating
Sound Power Level Cooling / Heating
48 / 49
64 / 65
Refrigerant Base Charge / Chargeless To
Refrigerant Additional Charge Main Liquid Side
(kg / m)
2.1 / 30
Minimum / maximum piping length
Height Difference Outdoor To Indoor
5 / 50
Pipe Connections Gas Side (mm / “) 15.9 - 5/8
Pipe Connections Liquid Side (mm / “) 9.5 - 3/8
Drain Port Connector Hose Inner Diameter (mm) 16
Height / Width / Depth (mm) 890 / 900 / 320
Total Weight (kg) 66
Maximum Run Current (Amps) 9.02
Power Supply
Suggested Fused Supply
1 phase 230v 50Hz



Remote Controller
Remote Controller Built In Timer Lite-Vision Plus

Remote Controller Simplified Controller
Fan Interface
CN02 Connector Timer Interface Lead Remote Sensor
Full control including service functions "wired"
Full control including service functions with fully programmable 7 day timer
Includes timer and backlight display as well as power save functions, multilingual

Ideal for hotel and base use applications (no service function available)
Interface to provide an output to enable an external fan from the unit
Lead to provide ON/OFF control from the RBC-AMT32E remote or any central controller
Ideal for allowing automatic control but room sensing required for comfort

PDF Data:

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.
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