We have designed one of the highest specification air purifiers on the market with the new Smart range introduced for 2020. The outstanding new design of the SmartHome UR/UV and SmartAir CC range of air purifiers use a 4 to 5 stage air purification system to give your living space a fresher environment and clean air to breathe. Removing airborne contaminants and the majority of unpleasant household odours. Ideal for home or office use it is perfect for filtering out general household dust, traffic pollution, tobacco smoke and other odours. The first filter is a standard particulate pre-filter to pick up dander and dust particles, the second is a H12 Hepa filter to clean smaller particles, the third a carbon filter, the fourth a 4W UV-C disinfection lamp (UV & CC models) and the final a powerful Anion generator with a 5000,000 ion/cm concentration. We designed the Smart range for for areas of 20 to 35m²  with the emphasis on a stylish contemporary look to fit in to any environment. These ranges includes a air quality PM2.5 meter, temperature display, sleep mode and timer.

Key Product Features:

SmartAir CC and HomeSmart UR/UV models have a CADR of 150-200m3/h 


PP Pre filter+HEPA+Carbon Filter+Photocatalysis+UV lamp+Cold catalyst+Anion
Voltage 220 V
Particulate CADR 150-200 m³/h
HEPA Level H12
UV Power (CC+UV models)  4W
UV life 8000 hours
Anion concentrations 5 million
N.W 5.5 kg
Power 40 W
Function Filter Replace Reminder 
Cable 1.9 m
UV Wavelength (CC+UV models)   254 nm
Warranty 1 year
Application area 20-35 m²
G.W 6.5KG

UR & UV PDF Datasheet:

Jetflow SmartHome UV200 & UR200 User Manual

CC PDF Datasheet:

Jetflow CC200 Air Purifier Owners Manual 2020