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Condensate Pumps

Sauermann Delta Pack Trunking System Kit 240V~50/60Hz

Sauermann Delta Pack Trunking System Kit 240V~50/60Hz

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The Sauermann Delta Pack is an all in one solution for condensate removal and comes with a  pipe trunking kit to conceal pipes and services. The kit includes a SI1082 monobloc condensate removal pump complete with float detector. It includes a new bracket with a front horizontal insertion clamping system, specially designed for a fast installation of the pump inside the elbow

Key Product Features:

  • Easy Installation of the pump: horizontal Insertion by the front.  
  • 1 monobloc elbow.
  • Clip-on system: duct can be cut without trimming edges
  • Reversible mounting (right & left of the AC unit)
  • Low noise pump: SI1082 pump is ≤ 21.5 dBA.
  • Easy-to-disconnect plug allowing a very fast replacement.
Kit includes:

1. SI1082 pump
2. Anti-vibrating reversible mounting bracket (galvanized steel bracket + 2 rubber pads + 1 rubber mounting for the pump)
3. 1.5m cable : 3 wires for power supply, 2 wires for NC alarm contact
4. Pump cover (flat bend)
5. 750 mm of duct model 80x60mm
6. 500m rubber tube Ø15mm ID
7. Rubber Joint for junction to the A/C unit - Ceiling duct (covering the hole in the false ceiling) - 3 tie-wraps - 4 screws + rawl plug

Technical Data and Performance:

Mains supply                                                       230V~ 50/60Hz 10 W
Max flow rate                                                       8 l/h (2.1 gph)
Max discharge head                                              6 m (20 ft)
Noise level in accordance with EN ISO
3744                                                                        21.5 dBA at 1 m
(Measured at LNE lab, pump operating with
water, out of application)
Noise level in application
(Measured in Sauermann acoustic lab, pump          ≤ 28 dBA at 1 m
operating with water)
Detection unit                                                      Integrated
Detection Levels                                                On:18mm Off :12mm Al :21mm
Alarm contact                                                      NC 8 A resistive
Thermal protection (overheat)                               90°C
Protection                                                           IP 54
Safety Standards                                               CE
RoHS directive                                                    Conform
WEEE directive                                                   Conform
Pump dimensions                                             L 66 x W 44 x H 77 mm
Cover dimensions                                             L 165 x W 165 x H 60 mm
Duct Dimensions                                               L 750 x W 80 x H 60 mm
Delta Pack box dimensions                             L 770 x W 185 x H 70 mm
Delta Pack Weight                                             1.5 kg
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