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Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump

Panasonic Aquarea All In One WH-ADC-H3E5 Air to Water Heat Pump Split 9kW to 16kW A++ 240V~50Hz

Panasonic Aquarea All In One WH-ADC-H3E5 Air to Water Heat Pump Split 9kW to 16kW A++ 240V~50Hz

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1 x Outdoor Condensing Unit + 1 x All In One Tank + Heat Transfer Unit  A+++

Aquarea All in One is the new generation of Panasonic Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water (DHW). This new range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which also comes with a 10 year warranty.

Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range is part of a new generation of heating and air-conditioning systems designed to heat or cool the home and to produce hot water. The Aquarea range includes a wide range from 9 to 16 kW (selectable on this listing), 240v single phase split-units. This high-efficiency heat pump operates at outside temperatures as low as –20ºC. Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pump provides savings of up to 78% on heating expenses compared with electrical heaters. For example, Aquarea’s 7 kW system has a COP of 4.40 which means that for every kW of electricity consumed, it returns 4.40 kW of energy, i.e. 3.40 kW more than a conventional electrical heating system which has a maximum COP of 1. This is equivalent to savings of 78%.

Multiple Applications:

The outdoor unit captures the energy from the outdoor air and brings it into the house by means of the hydraulic module. These free calories are transported to the hydraulic module using an environmentally-friendly refrigerant gas with a high thermal exchange coefficient (R410A). Via the hydraulic module, with control panel, the temperature inside the house can be controlled and efficiency maximised. It has a heat exchanger which transmits the calories contained in the refrigerant coming from the outdoor unit to the water used for the house’s heating and hot water.

The hydraulic module manages priorities in terms of heating and hot water production. It also has a 400 μm particle filter. This hydraulic module is situated in the house in the case of the split system or in the outdoor unit in the case of the single-unit system. The hot water cylinder heats the hot water. It is made of stainless steel, which guarantees it a very long life. It is also fitted with a 3 kW element to ensure maximum comfort when outdoor temperatures are very low. The heater, situated at the top of the cylinder, guarantees maximum efficiency and faster heat-up. A 3-way valve for the hot water cylinder connection is supplied with the hot water cylinder

Easy programming of the control panel:

The primary circuit temperature is controlled based on the outdoor temperature. The temperature of the primary circuit is determined by your heating specialist depending on your installation. Enter the below parameters in the remote control on starting up the system. Your heating specialist must also select the type of operation you need: heating priority or hot water cylinder priority.

Video Data:


Heating Capacity at +7 °C
9,00/ KIT-ADC09HE 12,00/KIT-ADC12HE5 16,00/KIT-ADC16HE5
COP at +7 °C with heating water at 35 °C 4,13 4,74 4,28
Heating Capacity at +2 °C with heating water at 35 °C kW 6,70 11,40 13,00
COP at +2 °C with heating water at 35 °C 3,13 3,44 3,28
Heating Capacity at -7 °C kW 5,90 10,00 11,40
COP at -7 °C 2,52 2,73 2,57
Cooling capacity at 35 °C kW 7,00 10,00 12,20
EER at 35 °C with cooling water at 7/12 °C 2,43 2,81 2,56
Energy Efficiency Class at 35 °C A++ A++ A++
Energy Efficiency Class at 55 °C A++ A++ A++
Energy Efficiency Class at 55 °C for DHW A A A
Indoor Dimensions H x W x D mm 1.800 x 598 x 717 1.800 x 598 x 717 1.800 x 598 x 717
Indoor Weight kg 124
Outdoor Sound pressure level dB(A) 51 / 50 52 / 50 55 / 54
Outdoor Dimensions H x W x D mm 795 x 900 x 320 1.340 x 900 x 320 1.340 x 900 x 320
Outdoor Weight kg 66 101 101
Refrigerant (R410A) kg / TCO2Eq. 1,45 / 3,028 2,55 / — 2,55 / —
Pipe length range m 3 ~ 30 3 ~ 30 3 ~ 30
Operation range Outdoor ambient °C -20 ~ +35 -20 ~ +35 -20 ~ +35

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