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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK ZSX Wall Air Conditioning Diamond Inverter Heat Pump A+++

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK50ZSX-R32 Wall Heat Pump 5Kw/17000Btu 240V~50Hz

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Colour variation available, the user can choose the model from three different colours allowing more choice depending on the style of the room.



MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES has made a giant leap forward in air conditioning and heat pump technology, with the latest introduction of high performance SRK-ZSX in R32 refrigerant.. The NEW ADVANCED SRK wall mounted indoor units have a new ‘smooth line’ design of fascia, which has a lower profile flatter appearance, and is far more easy to keep clean. The SRK now includes the Mitsubishi innovative NATURAL ENZYME FILTER which destroys funghi, bacteria and viruses. This, combined with the main Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter, provides healthy clean air for the occupants. The anti-allergic filtering system neutralizes pollen, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and many other airborne allergens. Periodically, you can activate by remote control the cleaning and regeneration of this filter system from allergens, through the “Allergen Clear” button. The sanitization program - exclusive technology of our products - has a duration of about 1 h 30’ and stops automatically.

The ZSX and ZS series air-conditioners have been stylishly designed with rounded contours that fit beautifully into any of Europe’s diverse interior settings. The design was created by the Italian industrial design studio Tensa srl, based in Milan, to respond to a broad spectrum of local user needs. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been awarded the 2017 Silver A’ Design Award in the ‘Engineering and Technical Design’ category for its SRK-ZSX Diamond Series air conditioning unit. It was created to meet the demanding expectations of the European air conditioning market.

When Silent operation is set, the maximum pressure level of the outdoor unit will be 3dB(A) lower than standard nominal level (45dB(A) or less). The compressor speed is set at a lower range than that of nominal operation, operating at 60% of nominal capacity. Maximum fan speed of outdoor unit is set lower than nominal operation. Control the Air Conditioning units through airconwithme® App in a very intuitive way. The App allows an easy and intuitive WiFi AC Control from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. SRK-ZSX series can be selected for use both R32 and R410A outdoor unit.


MITSUBISHI has used its innovative technology of compressor design, and the ozone friendly R32 refrigerant, and combined this with their new “jet-flow” low noise air movement fan arrangement. The result is a quiet, high performance cooling and heating system, with advanced electronic controls for maximum comfort, controllable and energy efficient.

ZSX Series
The new slim profile indoor unit has a reduced height of 305mm. The new  multiple stage heat exchanger is folded to form a surround to the upper section of the fan enclosure. This ensures low air velocity, and reduced sound levels, whilst delivering high performance and efficiency. The unit produces an amazing 5.71 x input or 5710 watts for 1000 watt input. Super quiet with 21 Db sound levels.


Applying aerodynamic analysis technologies used in developing jet engines to air conditioners.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics), used in blade shape design of jet engines, has been applied to the design of air channels in air conditioners to develop the ideal air channel system (air circulation). The airflow of the jets created in this system enable a large volume of air to be blown with minimum power consumption, yet the air flow is uniform, quiet and reaches points a long distance from the blower.

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Key Product Features:

Super High CoP, up to record 5.74
• New advanced technology control
• Infra-red controller with wall mounting bracket
• Reduced height slim construction
•Silver insert trim styling.

• Pipe runs up to 25 metres
Super Low noise – 19dBA
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
up to 15 metres pipe length

Data Sheet:


Indoor unit


Outdoor unit


Power source

1Phase, 220 - 240, 50Hz

Nominal cooling capacity (Min~Max)


5.0 (1.0~6.2)

Nominal heating capacity (Min~Max)


6.0 (0.8~8.2)

Power consumption



1.24 / 1.36



4.03 / 4.41

Max. running current



Sound power level




59 / 62



63 / 61

Sound pressure level


Cooling (Hi/Me/Lo/Ulo)

44 / 39 / 31 / 22

Heating  (Hi/Me/Lo/Ulo)

47 / 41 / 33 / 23



51 / 49

Air flow


Cooling (Hi/Me/Lo/Ulo)


14.3 / 12.4 / 7.8 / 5.4

Heating  (Hi/Me/Lo/Ulo)

17.3 / 14.3 / 9.8 / 6.2



39.0 / 33.0

Exterior dimensions




305 x 920 x 220


640 x 800(+71) x 290

Net weight

Indoor / Outdoor


13.0 / 45.0



R32 / 675



1.30 / 0.878

Refrigerant piping size


ø mm

6.35(1/4") / 12.7(1/2")

Refrigerant line (one way) length



Vertical height differences

Outdoor is higher/lower


Max.20 / Max.20

Outdoor operating temperature range






Clean filter

Allergen Clear Filter x 1, Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter x 1

・The data are measured under the following conditions(ISO-T1). Cooling: Indoor temp. of 27˚CDB, 19˚CWB, and outdoor temp. of 35˚CDB. Heating: Indoor temp. of 20˚CDB, and outdoor temp. of 7˚CDB, 6˚CWB.

・Sound level indicates  the value in an anechoic chamber.During operation  these values are  somewhat higher due to ambient conditions.

・‘tonne(s) of CO2 equivalent’ means a quantity of greenhouse gases- expressed as the product of the weight of the greenhouse gases in metric tonnes and of their global warming potential.

PDF Data Sheet:


To enable wi-fi control the following module will be require:

1 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning EnOcean MH-RC-WIFI-1 Wi-Fi Remote Control Module

1 x 
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SC-BIKN-E Wired Remote Control Interface for wired remote controller SRK, SRF and SRR

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015. 

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