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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM Multi Air Conditioning Inverter Heat Pump A++, A+++

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SCM60ZM-S Multi Inverter Heat Pump 3 x SRK25ZM Wall Mounted A++ 240V~50Hz

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SCM60ZM-S Multi Inverter Heat Pump 3 x SRK25ZM Wall Mounted A++ 240V~50Hz

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1 x SCM60ZM-S Condensing unit
3 x SRK25ZM Indoor Unit's
3 x Controllers

Multi system air conditioning diagram

3 indoor units on 1 outdoor condensing unit


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been manufacturing multi systems for residential applications for many years. The latest state-of-the-art Inverter technology is now applied to the SRK range, delivering exceptionally high efficiency, as well as variable individual unit control for stable and comfortable conditions.

The new advanced SRK Wall Mounted Indoor Units now include the Mitsubishi
innovative NATURAL ENZYME FILTER which destroys funghi bacteria and viruses. This combined with the main PHOTOCATALYTIC WASHABLE DEODORIZING FILTER, provides healthy clean air for the occupants.

Record CoP (Coefficient of Performance) This has been dramatically increased, up to a record 4.02 on some models. This means the system can deliver 4.02kW of heating, whilst consuming only 1.0kW of electrical power. This has been achieved by combining advanced Mitsubishi technology with R410A.

Variable capacity multi system

The SCM variable capacity multi systems are ideal for light commercial and residential applications, having the highest CoP up to 4.02, and low start currents, ideal where there is limited power supply. The Inverter outdoor
units are suitable for 2, 3, or 4 connected indoor units, depending on the model. Each indoor unit is connected directly by a pair of small diameter refrigerant pipes to the outdoor unit.

There are no branch joints involved. All connected indoor units operate in the same mode, i.e. either all Heating, or all Cooling. There are many permutations of connectable indoor units to each outdoor unit. These are listed below. The cooling and heating data is based on all connected units operational at the same time at full load. In practice the load in each room is unlikely to be at 100% continuously, so the available spare capacity is then shared to other units accordingly.

Product Key Feature's

• High CoP, up to record 4.01

• 1 Outdoor unit saving space
• Energy saving inverter
• New advanced technology control
• Infra-red controller with wall mounting bracket
• Reduced height slim construction
• Pipe runs up to 40 metres
• Low noise – 22dBA on smaller models
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
up to 40 metres pipe length

Three Years warranty


Model - SCM60ZM-S

Power source 1 ph 240v
Type  Inverter
COOLING (nominal) max. kW
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 7.0(0.75~7.8)
E.E.R.  4.01
Energy label in heating  A+
Energy label in cooling  A+
C.o.P  4.01

Exterior dimensions (mm)
640 x 850(+65) x 290
Net weight kg 49
Power Source Rating MCB A 20A
Refrigerant max piping length m 40

3 pipe service connections
Pipe sizes - 1/4" x 3/8"

Indoor Wall Mounted Units                         
Model - SRK25ZM
Exterior dimensions (mm) 294 x 798 x 229
Net weight kg 9.5
Sound Pressure Level* (cooling) dB(A) 40/31/25/22
Sound Pressure Level* (heating) dB(A) 
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 2.90 
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 4.20

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