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Lg Art Cool Air Conditioning

Lg Libero Art Cool Mirror Inverter CA09AWR-NB0 (2.5kw) Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter

Lg Libero Art Cool Mirror Inverter CA09AWR-NB0 (2.5kw) Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter

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This Model Has Been Replaced By:

Lg Libero Art Cool Mirror A09RK-NSB (2.5kw / 9000Btu) Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter

Lg Libero Art Cool Mirror Inverter CA09AWR-NB0 (2.5kw) Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter

wall mounted inverter heat pump split air conditioning unit

Traditionally, air conditioning indoor units have been prime examples of function winning over form – but now that tradition has been broken.


3-Dimensional Cooling
  • Improvement on ‘conventional’ units that only expel air in a single direction
  • Time to reach desired temperature drastically reduced in comparison to more ‘conventional’ units
  • Air pours out in three directions simultaneously –
    horizontally and vertically
  • More effective over a greater area

Choose the colour panel you require at base of page. Lg Air Conditioning C09AW-NE2 Wall Mounted  Artcool Heat Pump (2.64 Kw / 9000 Btu) inverter

Gold Fin Anti Corrosion
• LG’s Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a golden anti-corrosive epoxy treatment on the aluminum coil to minimized corrosion. This maintains heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time where as non-Gold Fin coils progressively lose efficiency due to surface corrosion. Standard on every LG air conditioner, this assists in areas suffering from pollution or near the ocean where the unit may subjected to higher levels of salt.

Jet Cool
• Most LG air conditioners automatically distribute the air to eliminate hot and cold patches to keep the room at a more constant temperature.

Changeable Colour Panel
• Available in 3 colours that are easy to change.
• The modern design and premium finish will compliment any interior decor.

Product Key Feature's

•Auto Changeover
•Auto Clean
•3-Dimensional Cooling
•Four-Way Auto Swing
•Heat exchanger surfaces coated with
anti-corrosive gold finish

•Nano Plasma Air Purifying System
•High speed mode
•Self Diagnostic Programme
•Artistic design

LG Art Cool CA09AWR-NB0 Wall Mounted
Capacity Cooling (kW) (Nominal / Max)    2.6 / 3.69    
Capacity Heating (kW) (Nominal/ Max)     3.6 / 5.0    
Capacity Cooling (kW) (UK)   2.16
Capacity Heating (kW) (UK)   
Electrical Data      
Input Cooling (kW)     0.650
Input Heating (kW)     0.870   
Running Current (Amps) Cooling    3.0
Running Current (Amps) Heating    4.0 
Starting Current (Amps) Cooling       3.9
Starting Current (Amps) Heating       
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)     240/1/50    
Circuit Breaker (Amps)     15  
EER Cooling (W/W)     4.0
COP Heating (W/W)     4.0
Air Circulation (m3/s)    0.16    
Noise Level @ 1m (dBA) (H/M/L) INDOOR    32/47      
Noise Level @ 1m (dBA) OUTDOOR     47

Net Dimensions (WxHxD mm) INDOOR     912x282x165

Net Dimensions (WxHxD mm) OUTDOOR  770x545x245
Net Weight      
Indoor Unit (Kg)     10      
Outdoor Unit (Kg)    37    

Pipe Connections      
Liquid (Inch)     1/4"      
Gas (Inch)     3/8"    
Drain Hose (mm) (ID)     16        
Maximum Pipe Lengths (m)     15
Maximum Elevation (m)   7
Charge R410A @ 7.5m (Kg)    0.72     

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