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LG Air Conditioning Cassette Standard Inverter Heat Pump

LG Air Conditioning UT36F.NA0+UUD3-U30 Standard Commercial Cassette 950X950 4-Way 10Kw/36000Btu 3Ph

LG Air Conditioning UT36F.NA0+UUD3-U30 Standard Commercial Cassette 950X950 4-Way 10Kw/36000Btu 3Ph

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LG Air Conditioning UT36F.NA0+UUD3.U30 Standard Commercial Cassette 950X950 4-Way 10Kw/36000Btu A++ With Fascia And Controller 415V~50Hz

Cassette Heat Pumps for Commercial And Residential Applications. Ideal for large open plan areas, or irregular shaped rooms.


LG Air Conditioning UT36F.NA0+UUD3-U30 Standard Commercial Cassette 950X950 4-Way 10Kw/33000Btu A++

1 x PREMTA000 Premium Hard Wired Controller

1 x PT-AAGW0 Decoration Panel 950X950 4-Way

1 x LG Air Conditioning CT36F-NA0 Standard Commercial Compact Cassette 4-Way A++ 10Kw/33000Btu 220-240V~50Hz

1 x LG Air Conditioning UUD2-U30 Outdoor Condensing Unit Inverter Heat Pump 10Kw/36000Btu 415V~50Hz 3 PHASE

The Advanced Lg Cassette range has now been extended to include new small capacity systems starting at 7kW / 24000Btu. The 7-Day Programmable Timer now included in standard controls specification and 24Hr control. Lg air conditioning and heat pump high performance heat pump inverter mini cassette series split systems designed for residential and commercial application such as offices, shops, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, clubs, gyms, and open plan areas. 

The New Cassette Design has improved air flow-pattern through the unit, and the new design of the high performance indoor heat exchanger, have resulted in a pressure loss reduction, allowing the fan design to be optimised for significantly lower sound Db levels. The air discharge louver has been modified to minimise air smudging on the ceiling adjacent to the air outlets. In order to be able to adapt to the shape of the room to be conditioned, the Lg air conditioning compact cassette units are able to configure the air impulsion in two, three or four different directions and thus achieve uniform air conditioning. The unit can make a sweep using its deflector slats to air-condition the premises more quickly. The direction of the sweep as well as the auto swing function can be selected by using the remote control. Models with a movable rosette incorporate weekly programming control that allows on and off programming up to twice a day. 

Quiet Operation: The indoor unit has quiet operational modes to offer you peaceful air treatment for your home or office. In addition, the outdoor units have drastically reduced in size, vibration and noise levels thanks to a super quiet fan motor and an innovative anti noise mechanism. 

Auto Changeover: The air conditioner will switch automatically from cooling to heating modes depending on the set temperature. The air vanes adjusted according to the mode of operation. In heating mode air will be distributed at a lower angle due to hot air rising. 

Product Key Feature's:

• Display Air status and Fine Dust Concentration PM2.5
• Anti Corrosion Gold Fin (Outdoor)
• Weekly Program
• Turbo Fan
• High Head Drain Pump 
• Low Standby Power 
• Shows quality of Indoor air in real time
• Child Lock Function
• Easy-to-Clean Air Filter
• Two Thermistor Control
• Optimal Air Distribution
• Wi-Fi
• Auto Changeover
• Auto Restart
• Auto Operation
• Quiet Operation
• Healthy Dehumidification
• Hot Start
• 24-Hour ON/OFF Setting Timer 
• Optimal air distribution with 4-way directional Air flow system.
• 4-way Auto Swing

Technical Information


Capacity Cooling Min ~ Rated ~ Max kW 3.8 / 9.5 / 10.8
Heating Min ~ Rated ~ Max kW 4.3 / 10.8 / 11.7
Power Input (Set) Cooling Min ~ Rated ~ Max kW 0.60 / 2.79 / 3.57
Heating Min ~ Rated ~ Max kW 0.60 / 2.77 / 3.30
Running Current Cooling Rated A 12.4
Heating Rated A 12.3
EER / COP kWh/kWh 3.40 / 3.90
SEER / SCOP kWh/kWh 6.7 / 4.3
Pdesign Cooling @ 35※  kW 9.5
Heating @ -10※ kW 5.6
Seasonal Energy Label Cooling / Heating - A++ / A+
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling / Heating kWh 496 / 1,823
Dehumidification Rate l/h 2.5
ODU Sound Pressure Level Cooling / Heating Rated dB(A) 54 / 56
ODU Sound Power Level Cooling Rated dB(A) 70
Piping Connections Liquid mm (inch) Ø 9.52 (3/8)
Gas mm (inch) Ø 15.88 (5/8)
Connections Method - Flared
Operation Range (Outdoor) Cooling Min ~ Max -20 ~ 50
Heating Min ~ Max -15 ~ 18
Power Supply Ø, V, Hz 1, 220-240, 50
Power Input (IDU) H / M / L W 60 / 50 / 45
Air Flow Rate H / M / L m3 / min 27.5 / 25 / 22.5
Dimensions Body W x H x D mm 840 x 288 x 840
Weight Body kg 25.3
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H / M / L dB(A) 44 / 42 / 41
Sound Power Level Cooling Max. dB(A) 61
Piping Connections Drain O.D. / I.D. mm Ø 32.0 / 25.0

Power Supply Ø, V, Hz 3, 380-415, 50
Circuit Breaker Min A 20
Power Supply Cable (Included Earth) No x mm3 5C x 2.5
Dimensions Net W x H x D mm 950 x 1,380 x 330
Weight Net kg 85.0
Compressor Type - Inverter Scroll
Refrigerant Type - R32
GWP (Global Warming Potential) - 675
Pre-charged Amount kg 3.0
t-CO※eq - 2.025
Additional Charging Volume g/m 40
Fan Air Flow Rate Rated m³/min x No. 55 x 2
Total Piping Length Min / Max m 5 / 85
Piping Elevation IDU - ODU Max m 30






PREMTB001 / BB01                        


PREMTB100 / BB10                        


PQRCVCL0QW / PQRCVCL0Q               

Simple - Hotel                     

PQRCHCA0QW / PQRCHCA0Q              

Wireless Controller


These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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