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Lg Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter

Lg Air Conditioning PC18.NSK Wall Mounted Heat Pump Standard Inverter 5Kw/18000Btu A++ R32 240V~50Hz

Lg Air Conditioning PC18.NSK Wall Mounted Heat Pump Standard Inverter 5Kw/18000Btu A++ R32 240V~50Hz

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A++ Energy rated product     



1 x S18EQ.NSJ Wall Mounted R32 Indoor unit
1 x S18EQ.NSJ R32 Outdoor unit
1 x IR remote control

The outstanding quality of LG air conditioners is recognised by people all over the world. With sales of 10 million units a year, it has become the top seller of air conditioners in the world. LG Air Conditioning units use R32 refrigerant and unlike ordinary conventional air conditioners, the Lg inverter air conditioners can control the speed of compressors to adjust cooling and heating to keep a linear temperature and outdoor noise levels low. When indoor temperatures reach your desired levels, inverter air conditioners can operate their compressors at low speeds and maintain desired temperatures, thus saving you electricity cost by about 44% compared to conventional units.

The NEW Lg air conditioning Standard range of Wall Mounted Indoor Units have a new smooth edge design of  the fascia, which has a lower profile flatter appearance, and is easy to keep clean. Operates at a very low noise rating of 19Db. The main Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter, provides healthy filtered clean air for the occupants by removing particles as small .

Lg air conditioning has used its long standing innovative technology in inverter compressor design, and the ozone friendly R32 refrigerant and combined this with their low noise air movement fan arrangement. The result is a quiet, high performance cooling and heating system, with advanced electronic controls for maximum comfort, controllable and energy efficient. LG's Energy Display panel monitors the amount of energy levels used. Save on energy consumption while enjoying the cooling by checking your energy level on the air conditioning internal units front panel.


Standard Inverter Series

The new slim profile indoor unit has a reduced height of 189mm, allowing installation above door openings and windows. The new multiple stage heat exchanger is folded to form a surround to the upper section of the fan enclosure. This ensures low air velocity, and reduced sound levels, whilst delivering high performance and efficiency. 

Touch Soft Air

The 1 Touch Soft Air option conveniently sets the vane to a present position that deflects the supply air away from blowing directly onto room occupants.

Jet Cool

The optimized design of the air outlet provides more powerful airflow, which cools the room quickly.

2-way Swing

2-way swing disperses cool air quickly and effectively in multiple directions to the room.

Dual Protection Filter

The Dual Protection Filter captures dust size over 10㎛ and bacteria.

Auto Cleaning

The comprehensive auto cleaning function prevents the forming of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger and thus provides a more pleasant and comfortable environment for the user.

Quick & Easy Installation

LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings and the number of persons involved in the installation process. By reducing the manpower and time required for installation, it is now possible to install more air conditioners at more homes in a shorter period of time.

Product Key Feature's:

• R32 Refrigerant
• Inverter DC compressor
• 3M Air Purifying System
• Anti Corrosion Gold Fin
• Auto Cleaning
• Auto Changeover
• Jet Cool/Jet Heat
• Natural Wind By CHAOS Swing
• Auto Restart
• Wireless Remote Controller (Luminous)
• Sleep Mode Auto Operation
• Quiet Operation
• Healthy Dehumidification
• Hot Start
• One-Touch Air Filter (Anti-Bacteria)
• 24-Hour ON/OFF Setting Timer

Technical Information:


Indoor Unit:

Capacity (Min / Standard / Max) in kW: Cooling: (0.90 / 5.0 / 5.50)
Heating: (0.90 / 5.8 / 6.40)
Heating -7 ° C: (3,8)
Rated (rated) cooling: 5.0 kW
EER 3.20
SEER 7.00
Rated (rated) heating: 5.8 kW
COP 3.60
SCOP 4.3
Energy efficiency class (cooling / heating): A ++ / A +
Annual energy consumption (cooling / heating) in kWh: 250/1270
Sound pressure level (H / M / L / S) in dBA: Cooling (47/44/39/34/31)
Heating (48/44/39/34)
Sound power level (high) in dBA: 60
Rinse: 1.8 l / h
Dimensions (W × H × D): 998 × 345 × 210 mm
Package dimensions (WxHxD): 1063 × 420 × 274 mm
Weight of the appliance: 11.4 kg
Package weight: 15.0 kg

Outdoor Unit:

Operating range (cooling / heating): -15 ~ 48 ° C DB / -10 ~ 18 ° C WB
Sound pressure level (high) in dBA: Cooling 53 Heating 55

Air flow (max.) In m3 / min: 35
Gas type: R32
Dimensions (W × H × D): 770 × 545 × 288 mm
Package dimensions (WxHxD): 925 × 593 × 393 mm
Weight: 34.2 kg
Package weight: 36.5 kg

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