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Lg Air Conditioning Multi Systems A++

Lg Air Conditioning MU2M15-UL4 Multi Inverter Heat Pump Wall Mounted 2 x 2.5Kw Standard Plus A++ 240V~50Hz

Lg Air Conditioning MU2M15-UL4 Multi Inverter Heat Pump Wall Mounted 2 x 2.5Kw Standard Plus A++ 240V~50Hz

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A++ Energy Rated Product. Indoor units include Wi-Fi control, energy display and low noise as standard. 


1 x MU2M15-UL4 5.4kW / 18000 Btu Heat Pump Inverter Condensing unit A++
2 x Lg Air Conditioning PM09SP Wall Mounted Heat Pump Standard Inverter (2.5Kw/9000Btu) 240V~50Hz
2 x Controllers

About Lg's Multi Inverter Air Conditioning Unit:

The Lg multi split air conditioning inverter heat pump units make it possible to have multiple combinations of different indoor units with different capacities with the advantage of a space saving outdoor condensing unit. The latest Lg Inverter heat pump technology allows greater performance, lower sound levels, lower energy consumption and operates at optimum performance in a rapid and uniform manner until the temperature reaches its optimum set point. The DC Inverter multi split heat pump outdoor units are more efficient than their predecessor and Lg air conditioning's renowned inverter technology is an innovative, energy-efficient feature that automatically adjusts the unit’s power to maintain room temperature across all the indoor units connected, rather than repeatedly starting and stopping the compressor. The patented Gold Fin™ process on the outdoor condensing unit is standard on the LG multi outdoor units and is an anti-corrosion coating that forms a protective shield against the elements to increase the product lifetime. As there is no need to install a large number of outdoor units, the outside aesthetics of the building are virtually unaffected, furthermore, the outdoor units offer great location flexibility to ease the installation.

Wall Mounted Units:

The new design Standard Plus wall mounted indoor units are artistic, thinner and quiet while offering a NATURAL ENZYME FILTER Which destroys funghi, bacteria and viruses combined which combined with the main PHOTOCATALYTIC WASHABLE DEODORIZING FILTER provides healthy clean air for the occupants. The Libero "Night silent" operation feature can remain engaged for a pre-set number of hours, switching on at the day's peak temperature and then returning to normal operation. Dehumidification mode accurately senses the room's temperature and controls humidity without over cooling while increasing the vane angle preventing over cooling. The Jet Cool operation which has always been a feature on Lg's units and can cool a room to 18°C in a rapid time with a high power mode. This is ideal when fast cooling is required.

Key Product Features:

  • Indoor unit removes microscopic contaminants and dust in the air to help prevent allergies
  • Wi-Fi control
  • The Indoor unit controls humidity without overcooling
  • Gold Fin™ process on the outdoor condensing unit 
  • Jet Cool rapid cooling mode
  • Space saving outdoor unit
  • New design indoor units
  • Lg air conditioning's renowned inverter technology


Technical Specifications Outdoor Multi:
Model MU2M15. UL2
Nominal capacity* (Min~rated~max) Cooling                     Btu/h 3,000 ~ 14,000 ~ 18,400
kW 0.88 ~ 4.10 ~ 5.39
Heating Btu/h 3,300 ~ 16,000 ~ 19,400
kW 0.97 ~ 4.69 ~ 5.69
Nominal input*
Cooling                          kW 0.29 ~ 1.02 ~ 1.63
Heating kW 0.29 ~ 1.08 ~ 1.66
SEER 6.1
SCOP 3.8
PdesignH (@-10°C) kW 4.1
Energy Label Cooling/Heating A++ / A
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling/Heating           kWh 235 / 1,732
Testing combination MS07AQ NB0 x 2EA
Running current Cooling                           A 1.3 ~ 4.6 ~ 7.4
(Min~rated~max) Heating                           A 1.3 ~ 4.9 ~ 7.5
Power supply Ø / V / Hz 1 / 220~240 / 50
Dimensions WxHxD                         mm 770x545x288
Net weight kg 37
Max. connectable indoor units No. / Capacity      kBtu/hr 2 / 21
Refrigerant (R410A) Charge                              g 1,400
Air flow rate CMM(CFM) 28.2 (995)
Sound Pressure (Cooling/Heating) dB(A)+3 49 / 51
Piping connections Liquid(ø)              mm(inch) 6.35(1/4)x2EA
Gas(ø) mm(inch) 9.52(3/8)x2EA
Max. interunit Total of each room         m 30
Piping length For one room                   m 20
Max. elevation Indoor unit~outdoor unit m 15
Indoor unit~indoor unit    m 7.5
Recommended fuse A 15

Technical Information Indoor:

Model Spec. PM09/SP.NSJ
Cooling Capacity (Min / Rated / Max) kW 0.89 / 2.50 / 3.70
Heating Capacity (Min / Rated / Max) kW 0.89 / 3.2 / 4.10
Low Temp. Heating Capacity (-7℃) kW 3.0
Power Input Cooling/Heating W 670/840
Running Current Cooling/Heating A 3/3.7
Starting Current Cooling/Heating A 3/3.7
Max Current Cooling/Heating A 6.5/6
SEER W/W 6.2
SCOP W/W 3.8
Energy efficiency Cooling/Heating - A++/A+
Annual energy
Cooling/Heating kWh 141/1179
Power Supply Ø / V / Hz 1 / 220~240 / 50
Air Flow Rate Indoor,Max m3/min 12.0
Outdoor,Max m3/min 27
Moisture Removal l/h 1.1
Sound Pressure Level Indoor,H/M/L/Sleep* dB(A)±3 41/35/27/19
Outdoor,Max dB(A)±3 48
Sound Power Level Indoor,Max dB(A)±3 58
Outdoor,Max dB(A)±3 65
Refrigerant & Charge (at 7.5 m) g R410A, 950
Additional Refrigerant charge g/m 20
Compressor Type - Rotary
O.L.P. name - -
Fan(Indoor) Type - Cross Flow Fan
Motor Output W 20

PDF Data:

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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