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Lg Air Conditioning Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator

Lg Air Conditioning Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator LZ-H200GBA5 Air Exchange Unit 2000M3/hr 240V~50Hz

Lg Air Conditioning Eco V Heat Recovery Ventilator LZ-H200GBA5 Air Exchange Unit 2000M3/hr 240V~50Hz

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LGʼs heat recovery ventilation system modulates the temperature and humidity of incoming fresh air to match indoor conditions. A balance is thus achieved between indoor and outdoor ambient, enabling the cooling or heating load placed on the air conditioning system to be reduced significantly which can be controlled individually or integral with the air conditioning system. Ventilation is a process by which one can exchange indoor air to outdoor air in order to improve the air quality and to maintain environmental temperature conditions. 

Provides efficiency, cost savings, superior performance, compact & light design, BLDC Motor ensuring various design of duct system and easy maintenance. Units are ideal for hotels, dormitories, restaurants, hospitals, retail establishments, theatres, schools, and office buildings.

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger :

Cross flow heat exchanger ensure no mixing of the stale air with the fresh air. Efficiency and comfort is ensured by the high-efficiency energy recovery central core which recovers energy from the indoor air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air without mixing airstreams. The heat exchanger also helps to remove unwanted humidity from air inside your home during winter, and removes the humidity from the outside air before it enters your home in the summer.

Easy Cleaning and Filter Changing:

Door attached, side-panel and slide-removable options provide convenient access for  maintenance. What's more, enthalpy heat exchanger filters can be changed without   additional maintenance. With regular maintenance, our air conditioners can achieve a collection efficiency of over 80%, which means they can filter particles up to 0.3 m, including tobacco smoke.

Technical Info:

Airflow (m3/h) - Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 1,600-2,000-2,000
Noise (dBA) -  Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 33-37-39
Noise (dBA) - Bypass Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 33-37-39
Width - mm 1,353
Depth - mm 1,230
Height - mm 815
Weight - kg 158
Electrical Supply 220-240v,50Hz
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 16
Duct Size (mm) 250+350
Power Input (W) - Extra high 930
Starting Current (A) 11.9
Running Current - Low 3.40
Running Current - High 3.40
Running Current - Extra High 4.80
Mains Cable No. Cores 3
Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - Low 83
Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - High 80
Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - Extra High 80

Unit controller included

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