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The Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control and 25 L Water Tank cools and humidifies the air with an adjustable humidification level and a built-in ioniser.

A compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution for applications where a outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. Ideal for office, high rise buildings, conservatory dwarf walls, hotel, home and light commercial air conditioning applications. Heats and cools.

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Itho Daalderop "Base Cube" Gas Boilers
The Itho Daalderop HR Base Cube is a heating system which is very efficient in its power consumption. In addition, a number of components have been omitted, including the three-way valve, so that this unit is less susceptible to interference, and therefore requires little maintenance. The Itho Daalderop Base Cube has the highest water yield of any Dutch manufacturer. This means that this device requires the least energy to produce the water. The highest water efficiency is achieved by the unique heat exchanger and intelligent water eco / comfort control. 

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