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Hedge Trimmers/ Strimmers

Hyundai Petrol Multi-Tool HYMT5200X 52cc Hedge Trimmer, Pole Saw / Chainsaw & Brush-cutter

Hyundai Petrol Multi-Tool HYMT5200X 52cc Hedge Trimmer, Pole Saw / Chainsaw & Brush-cutter

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In The Box: 

HYMT5200X Garden Multi-Tool power unit, brush cutter, pole saw, hedge trimmer attachments, double over shoulder harness, cutting guard, Easy feed nylon string cutting head, three tooth metal blade, fuel mixing jug, tool kit, starter nylon string, handle, attachments, user manual, assembly guide

5-in-1 petrol multi-tool for garden maintenance

Combining a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer and 800mm extension shaft, this five-in-one multi-tool has everything a gardener needs to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks.

Heavy Duty Garden Multi-Tool

The HYMT5200X multi-tool is a heavy duty and powerful machine, all you need for those key garden tasks and not to be confused with under-powered less versatile alternatives.

Great value all-in-one machine for your garden

Save money when compared to buying individual machines and save on storage space whilst enjoying the same impressive power and versatility as several equivalent dedicated garden tools.

Reliable and powerful

It’s powered by the IC52-J EURO 5 Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke high torque, low emissions easy recoil start petrol engine, which has tremendous mid-range torque so the machine does not have to be operated at maximum revs for best performance.

With a soft start recoil system and a digital rev limiter to protect the engine from overspeed damage, this multi-tool is ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners. It’s engineered to let you focus more on your gardening and less on maintaining the machine. If properly serviced, it will provide years of reliable service.

Easy Assembly, quick change garden mult-tool

Assembly out of the box is quick and easy, with a full quick start guide provided, and after mixing your 2-stroke fuel and oil mixture (40:1 unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil) you’ll be ready to tackle the garden in no time at all.

Comfort-first design for all garden maintenance tasks

Thanks to the ergonomic design this multi-tool is comfortable to use regardless of which attachment you’re using, and the full double shoulder harness provides additional support and weight distribution. With a quick release clip system to attach the harness, it’s easy to find the most comfortable setting to suit your height. When not in use, the machine and attachments can be carried with ease, and take up minimal space in the garden shed.

In the box you'll also find a tool kit and fuel mixing jug.

Grass Trimmer / Strimmer / Brush cutter

Supplied with a 2 string nylon cutting head and a 3-tooth metal blade, you can cut through tough weeds, brambles, dense scrub and overgrown grass with ease. The nylon cord is simple to replace, and the bump feed system allows you to effortlessly dispense more cord without interrupting your gardening. For thicker and tougher foliage, the metal cutting blades should be used, which are more durable and capable of cutting through the densest of areas.

The nylon cutting head provides a cutting width of 430mm, and the cutting blades capable of cutting to a width of 255mm, making them suitable for use in gardens of all sizes.

Chainsaw / Pole Saw / Pruner

The chainsaw has automatic chain lubrication for long life. When used on the ground it’s capable of making quick work of logs and fallen branches, and when combined with the extension shaft it can reach branches up to 4m from the ground. The 295mm cutting bar is built for medium-duty cutting requirements, suitable for all but the biggest of logs and branches.

Hedge Trimmer

With a blade length of 425mm, the hedge trimmer is built to prune large hedges with ease. It can be adjusted 180 degrees, with 12 positions to choose from with a double safety lock to keep the cutting head securely in place. When attached to the extension shaft, it can be used to prune even the tallest of hedgerows - or even hedgerows which are obstructed and hard to reach.

Extension Shaft

Providing approximately 800mm of reach, the quick release extension shaft is a convenient addition for gardeners who have tall trees or hedgerows on their property, and eliminates the danger of working from a ladder. Attaching the shaft securely takes a matter of seconds, and due to the low weight and balance of the machine, it doesn’t hinder your ability to use the attachments with precision.Covered by Hyundai 3 year warranty.

Technical Specification:

Gross Weight (kg)


Model Number


Max Engine Output

1 .45 kW/ 2.0 hp

Cylinder Capacity

51.7 cm3

Engine Idle Speed

3000 min·1 (rpm)

Max Engine Speed (3 Tooth Cutting Blade)

9200 min•1 (rpm)

Max Engine Speed (Grass Trimmer)

8700 min•1 (rpm)

Max Engine Speed (Chainsaw)

9200 min•1 (rpm)

Max Engine Speed (Hedge Trimmer)

9200 min•1 (rpm)

Max Cutting Speed (3 Tooth Blade)

6900 min·1 (rpm)m

Max Cutting Speed (Grass Trimmer)

6525 min·1 (rpm)

Max Cutting Speed (Chainsaw)

20 m/s

Max Cutting Speed (Hedge Trimmer)

1550 min·1 (rpm)




Centrifugal Clutch

Net Weight (Engine)

5.6 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

1 200 cm3

Hedge Trimmer Cut Length


Hedge Trimmer Tooth Spacing


Chainsaw Cut Length


Chainsaw Blade Length


Chainsaw Chain Length


Grass Trimmer Nylon Line Length


Metal Blade Cutting Diameter


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