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Hydron HY/DP30S Dairy Case Pump 110 L/h 30m Head 240V~50Hz

Hydron HY/DP30S Dairy Case Pump 110 L/h 30m Head 240V~50Hz

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Explore the Hydron HY/DP30S Dairy Case Pump, an exceptionally low-profile yet remarkably powerful piston pump, expertly designed to accommodate dairy case installations where height and space pose limitations. This pump is the perfect solution for situations lacking a low gravity drain, offering a seamless and efficient drainage solution. 

The Hydron HY/DP30S Dairy Case Pump represents a fusion of efficiency, compact design, and powerful performance, making it an indispensable asset for dairy case installations, especially where space is at a premium and reliable drainage is a necessity.

Key Features Include:

  • Intelligent Overload Protection: Ensures the pump operates safely under all conditions, protecting against potential damage from overuse.
  • Slim Profile: At just 60mm in height, this pump is designed to fit even in the tightest spaces, making it ideal for dairy cases with height restrictions.
  • High-Level Alarm Contacts: Provides an immediate alert in case of high water levels, enhancing safety and preventing overflow.
  • Flexible Connections: Features an inlet connection of 12.7mm ID and an outlet connection of 15mm OD, allowing for easy integration into your existing system.
  • Built-in Check Valve: Prevents backflow, ensuring that pumped fluids move in the intended direction without any hindrance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: HY/DP30-S
  • Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz +/- 10%, accommodating slight power variances.
  • Pumping Head: Impressive 30 meters, facilitating effective fluid movement over long distances.
  • Max Flow Rate: Capable of pumping up to 110 liters per hour, ensuring efficient water removal.
  • Tank Capacity: Comes with a 5-liter tank, reducing the need for frequent emptying.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: Operates within 0-50°C, suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Power Consumption: An efficient 37W, minimizing energy use while maintaining optimal performance.

Flow Rates Performance:

  • Horizontal Run: Tailored performance across distances, with the HY/DP30-S maintaining:
    • 1m: 110 liters/hr
    • 10m: 60 liters/hr
    • 15m: 50 liters/hr
    • 20m: 45 liters/hr
    • 25m: 40 liters/hr
    • 30m: 25 liters/hr

  Model   HY/DP30-S
  Input Voltage   230V 50Hz +/- 10%
  Pumping Head   30 metres
  Max Flow Rate   110ltr/hr
  Tank Capacity   5ltr
  Ambient Temperature   0-50°C
  Power Consumption   37W


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