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Domestic Air Purification

HomeSmart UV200 Quiet Air Purifier PM2.5, Hepa, Carbon Filter, UV-C and Ionizer 240V~50Hz

HomeSmart UV200 Quiet Air Purifier PM2.5, Hepa, Carbon Filter, UV-C and Ionizer 240V~50Hz

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Homesmart, the new range of air purifiers with active control, real time data PM2.5 meter and colour changing air quality reading display.  

Effective in areas up to 35 square metres / 375 square foot and captures 99.97% of particulates

The HomeSmart UV200 air purifier offers the latest technology within a stylish contemporary look, which is designed to fit in to any living environment. It utilises a 6 stage air purification system to give your living or work space a fresher environment and clean air to breathe. The HomeSmart UV200 removes airborne contaminants down to microscopic levels and the majority of unpleasant household odours too. It is ideal for a home or office as it is quiet and designed especially for filtering out dust, traffic pollution, bacteria, mould and smoke down to 0.3 microns. The filter includes a non-woven particulate pre-filter to pick up dander and larger dust particles, H12 Hepa filter to clean pollen, bacteria and smoke, a carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, 4W UV-C disinfection lamp and the final treatment a powerful Anion ioniser generator with a 5000,000 ion/cm concentration. The HomeSmart UV200 is ideal for areas of 35m² and Included in the package is a built in PM2.5 meter to display the air quality, a long life filter, temperature display, sleep and timer modes. 

The Homesmart range is feature packed: for example, the integral PM2.5 metre, air quality light which changes colour as the quality of the air improves, so that you can see at a glance how clean the air you breathe is. The "Sleep" mode switches off all lighting and reduces the noise so that you can keep the air purifier operating without disturbing your sleep. The "Auto" feature is controlled by the PM2.5 sensor and operates the system at various levels to clean the air automatically. The timer allows you to set operations for 1 to 12 hours and because its lightweight you can easily move the air purifier around.

Levels of filtration include:

1) Non-woven pre filter to capture dust, hair, dander, mites etc

2) Hepa filter effective to PM2.5 level removing pollen, bacteria, smoke

3) Honeycomb Activated Carbon absorbs and decomposes Formaldohyde, Pnenol, smoke and mold

4) Cold catalyst filter reduces harmful gas such as benzene, xylene, TVOC

5) Ioniser with 5000,000 ion output

6) UV-C lamp disinfection


Key Product Features:

  • UV-C Lamp Type 5 Stage Purification 
  • PM 2.5 Detection and control
  • Temperature display
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Automatic air speed mode controlled by PM2.5 meter
  • High precision odour and air quality sensor (laser control)
  • Long life HEPA filter can last for up to 3000~4000h under normal care and use
  • Ideal for allergies and those sensitivity to airborne particles
  • Captures up to 99.97% of pollen, dust, pet dander and smoke particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Sleep mode, dims lights on control panel and runs on quiet mode
  • Timer modes: 1 to 12 hours

Technical Specification:

Product Name:

HomeSmart UV200

Accessories Included: 

Remote control, User manual & Filters


Pre filter + HEPA + Carbon filter + Photocatalysis + UV lamp +  Cold catalyst + Anion
Voltage 220 V
Particulate CADR 150-200 m³/h
Db Rating @1M 20/25/39
HEPA Level H12
UV Power 4W
UV life 8000 hours
Anion concentrations 5 million
N.W 5.5 kg
Product Size 330*220*600mm
Power 40 W
Function Filter Replace Reminder 
Cable 1.9 m
UV Wavelength  254 nm
Warranty 1 year
Application area 20-35 m²
G.W 6.5KG
Package Box 350*250*670mm
GTIN 5060552030349

PDF Datasheet:

Jetflow SmartHome UV200 & UR200 User Manual

Video Data:


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