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Heaters: Gas, Electric, Diesel, And Oil

Residential, commercial and industrial heaters. Portable and fixed space heaters with something for everyone from the 500W to 100kw. We have one of the most extensive heater selections from patio heaters, fire places, propane heaters, oil filled radiators, fan heaters, oil heaters, gas heaters and infrared. 

How much heating power do you require for your area?:

A basic rule of thumb is a minimum of  33watts(W) per meters cubed (m3).
Example: An area(A) of 250 m3  requires (A)250 x 33(W)= 8.25 Kw / 28000 Btu.

How to work out your M3 of your room:

Height (Meters) X Width (Meters) X Length (Meters) = Meters Cubed Of your Area

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