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Gree Wall Air Conditioning

Gree Air Conditioning GWH24QE LOMO Series Wall Inverter Heat Pump 7Kw/24000 Btu A++ 240V~50Hz

Gree Air Conditioning GWH24QE LOMO Series Wall Inverter Heat Pump 7Kw/24000 Btu A++ 240V~50Hz

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The new Gree air conditioning "Lomo" series is a stylish, wall mounted system. Featuring the new auto-clean system, these models also offer low noise levels (as low as 26dBA* 1).and have a distinctively styled front panel that not only looks appealing but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier. The Gree Lomo models use a high COP inverter technology delivering economical air conditioning and heating with improved COP figures (3.7). 

Ideal for use in any size room, many units come equipped with a wide-angle airflow system, as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing airflow to be extended to every corner of a room. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the Lomo Series range provides a artistic and modern air conditioning solution. Feature a smoothly contoured, flat panel finish with a top air intake that not only improves aesthetics, but also helps to reduce noise as the heat exchanger area is fully covered. Also includes a Auto restart function for critical applications and LED temperature display.

Key Features:
  • Elegant White Glossy Finish
  • Intelligent Auto Restart
  • Comfortable Sleep Curves
  • Cold Air Prevention
  • LED Display
  • Timer
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Auto-Clean
  • "Turbo Button"
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Dehumidifying
  • Auto-Restart

Technical Specification:


RAC Range
GREE - Split-type Inverter - LOMO Series - Wall mounted
System Model No GWH24QE-K3DNA1G
Cooling Capacity kW 6.7
Heating Capacity kW 7.25
Power Supply
Rated Voltage V~ 220-240 1 phase
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Recommended fuse size A 20
Power Supply Connection -- Outdoor
Power cable size mm2 2.50
Interconnecting cable N 3 core + E (0.75mm2)
Min. Cooling Capacity kW 2
Max. Cooling Capacity kW 8.2
Min. Heating Capacity kW 2
Max. Heating Capacity kW 8.5
Cooling Power Input W 1875
Min. Cooling Power Input W 400
Max. Cooling Power Input W 3700
Heating Power Input W 1945
Min. Heating Power Input W 450
Max. Heating Power Input W 3800
Cooling Current A 8.32
Heating Current A 8.63
EER W/W 3.57
COP W/W 3.73
SEER -- 6.30
Energy Class -- A++<Cooling>/A+<Average>/A+++<Warmer>/C<Colder>
Air Flow Volume m3/h 1150/1050/950/850
Indoor Unit
Indoor unit model -- GWH24QE-K3DNA1G/I
Set Temperature Range 16~30
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 48/45/42/39
Sound Power Level dB (A) 64/59/56/53
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 1078×325×246
Net Weight kg 17
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model -- GWH24QE-K3DNA1G/O
Cooling Operation  Ambient Temperature Range -15~43
Heating Operation  Ambient Temperature Range -20~24
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 60
Sound Power Level dB (A) 68
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 955×700×396
Net Weight kg 53
Refrigerant -- R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 1.9
Pipe sizing & Refrigerant
Additional Charge (R410A) g/m 50
Liquid Pipe size inch 1/4"
Gas pipe size inch 5/8"
Max pipe Height m 10
Max pipe Length m 25

PDF Data Sheet:

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