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Gree Wall Air Conditioning

Gree Air Conditioning GWH09UB "U-Crown Series" Wall Mounted Installation Pack

Gree Air Conditioning GWH09UB "U-Crown Series" Wall Mounted Installation Pack

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1 x GWH09UB Complete system
15 Meters of 1/4" & 3/8" Pipes
15 Meters of cable for interconnecting cable
15 Meters of installation for pipes
1 X Pack of cable ties
1 x Premium Wall bracket for condensing unit

Top of range Wi-Fi enabled, operating temps -30C to +54C

The new Gree air conditioning "U-Crown" series is a stylish wall mounted system featuring the new auto-clean system, these models also offer low noise levels (as low as 19dBA* 1) and have a distinctively styled front panel that not only looks appealing but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier. The Gree U-Crown models use a high COP inverter technology delivering economical air conditioning and heating with improved COP figures (3.7). 

Ideal for use in any size room, many units come equipped with a wide-angle airflow system, as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing airflow to be extended to every corner of a room. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the "U-Crown" Series range provides a artistic and modern air conditioning solution while offering ultra low noise levels. Feature a smoothly contoured, flat panel finish with a top air intake that not only improves aesthetics, but also helps to reduce noise as the heat exchanger area is fully covered. Also includes a Auto restart function for critical applications and LED temperature display.

Key Features:
  • Elegant White Glossy Finish
  • Timer
  • Light Function
  • Autoclean
  • Lock
  • LED Display
  • LED Remote
  • Dehumidifying
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • Auto Restart
  • Quiet Design
  • 7 Fan Speeds
  • -15c Cooling
  • -30c Heating
  • 54c Cooling

Technical Specification

RAC Series - U-Crown
GREE - Split-type Inverter - U Crown Series - Wall mounted
System Model No GWH09UB-K3DNA4F
Cooling Capacity kW 2.6
Heating Capacity kW 3.0
Power Supply
Rated Voltage V~ 220-240 1 phase
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Recommended fuse size A 13
Power Supply connection -- Outdoor
Power cable size mm2 1.50
Interconnecting cable N 3 core + E (0.75mm2)
Min. Cooling Capacity kW 0.39
Max. Cooling Capacity kW 4.0
Min. Heating Capacity kW 0.56
Max. Heating Capacity kW 4.8
Cooling Power Input W 600
Min. Cooling Power Input W 95
Max. Cooling Power Input W 1500
Heating Power Input W 800
Min. Heating Power Input W 100
Max. Heating Power Input W 1630
Cooling Current A 2.7
Heating Current A 3.5
EER W/W 4.33
COP W/W 3.75
SEER -- 7.50
Energy Class -- A++(Cooling)/A++(Average)/   A+++(Warmer)/A<Colder>
Air Flow Volume m3/h 650/530/470/400/350/300/290
Indoor  Unit
Indoor Unit Model -- GWH09UB-K3DNA4F/I
Set Temperature Range 16~30
Set Temperature Range 61~86
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 41/37/35/33/30/22/19
Sound Power Level dB (A) 56/50/48/46/43/35/32
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 860×305×170
Net Weight kg 11.5
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model -- GWH09UB-K3DNA4F/O
Cooling Operation  Ambient Temperature Range -18~54
Heating Operation Ambient Temperature Range -30~24
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 50
Sound Power Level dB (A) 59
Dimension (W×H×D) mm 899×596×378
Net Weight kg 44.5
Refrigerant -- R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 1.3
Connection Pipe
Pre charged for m 5
Additional Gas Charge g/m 20
Liquid pipe size inch 1/4"
Gas pipe size inch 1/2"
Max pipe Height m 10
Max pipe Length m 15

PDF Data Sheet:

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.
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