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Fujitsu Air Conditioning AUXG-KVLA Compact Cassette Heat Pump Inverter

Fujitsu Air Conditioning AUYG12L Compact Cassette (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) Heat Pump Inverter 240V~50Hz

Fujitsu Air Conditioning AUYG12L Compact Cassette (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) Heat Pump Inverter 240V~50Hz

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In order to be able to adapt to the shape of the room to be conditioned, the Fujitsu air conditioning compact cassette units are able to configure the air impulsion in two, three or four different directions and thus achieve uniform air conditioning. The unit can make a sweep using its deflector slats to air-condition the premises more quickly. The direction of the sweep as well as the auto swing function can be selected by using the remote control. Models with a movable rosette incorporate weekly programming control that allows on and off programming up to twice a day. 

The Advanced Fujitsu air conditioning AUYG Compact Cassette range has now been extended to include new small capacity INVERTER system starting at 3.5kW / 12000Btu, and an high capacity system 7kW / 24000Btu at the top end of the compact cassette range. (figures stated are for cooling/heating performance. The 7-Day Programmable Timer now included in standard controls specification and 24Hr control. Fujitsu air conditioning and heat pump high performance inverter compact cassette series split systems designed for residential and commercial application such as offices, shops, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, clubs, gyms, and open plan areas. 
The Fujitsu inverter air conditioning system's CoP (Coefficient of Performance) is up to 3.7 on some models. This means the system can deliver 3.7 kW of heating, whilst consuming only 1.0kW of electrical power. This has been achieved by combining advanced Fujitsu air conditioning inverter technology with R410A refrigerant. The New Cassette Design has improved air flow-pattern through the unit, and the new design of the high performance indoor heat exchanger, have resulted in a pressure loss reduction, allowing the fan design to be optimised for significantly lower sound Db levels. The air discharge louver has been modified to minimise air smudging on the ceiling adjacent to the air outlets. 

Quiet Operation

The indoor unit has a quiet operational noise of 26dB in the sleep mode to offer you peace and quiet for the bedroom or office. In addition, the outdoor units have drastically reduced vibration and noise thanks to a super quiet fan and motor and an innovative anti noise mechanism.

Auto Changeover
The air conditioner will switch automatically from cooling to heating modes depending on the set temperature.

Optimized Cooling & Heating Air Flow
The air vanes will be adjusted according to the mode of operation. In heating mode air will be distributed at a lower angle due to hot air rising.

Swirl Swing
Swirl swing distributes air evenly throughout the room to ensure a more comfortable conditioned environment by adjusting the movement of the louvers.

Product Key Feature's

• Weekly Program 
• High Head Drain Pump
• Auto Changeover
• Low Standby Power
• Auto Restart
• Easy-to-Clean Air Filter
• Two Thermistor Control
• Optimal Air Distribution
• Auto Cleaning
• Auto Operation
• Quiet Operation
• Healthy Dehumidification
• Hot Start
• 24-Hour ON/OFF Setting Timer 
• Optimal air distribution with 4-way directional Air flow system.
• 4-way Auto Swing

Other Features

- Programming of different operating schedules each day.
- On and off programming twice a day.
- Set the time in periods of five minutes.
- Cancelation of operation on a specific day (public holiday)


Technical Data

Cooling capacity kcal/




Heating capacity kcal/




Energy efficiency ratio (E.E.R.)




Power supply v/n /Hz


Power consumption (Cooling/Heating) kW


Starting current A


Running current (cooling/heating) A


Electrical wiring

(O.U) 2x2.5+T

Electrical connection


Noise level unit high dB (A)


Medium dB (A)


Low dB (A)


Noise level outdoor unit dB (A)


Dimensions indoor unit Width mm

580 (650)

Depth mm

580 (650)

Height mm

235 (35) 250

Dimensions outdoor unit Width mm


Depth mm


Height mm


Net weight (Indoor/Outdoor)


Pipe size Inch.

¼” – 3/8”

Pipe length max. (Total/Height) m


Refrigerent Type


Refridgerant charge m


Operating range cooling ºC


Heating ºC



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