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Fujitsu Air Conditioning ASYG-KPCA Economy Wall Mounted Series

Fujitsu Air conditioning ASYG12KPCA Economy Wall Heat pump Inverter R32 3.5Kw/12000Btu Install Kit

Fujitsu Air conditioning ASYG12KPCA Economy Wall Heat pump Inverter R32 3.5Kw/12000Btu Install Kit

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Fujitsu Air conditioning AOYG12KPCA ASYG12KPCA Economy Wall Heat pump Inverter A++ R32 3.5Kw/12000Btu 220V-240V~50Hz Installation Package

This Kit Includes:


1 x Fujitsu Air conditioning ASYG12KPCA Economy Wall Heat pump A++ R32 3.5Kw/12000Btu

1 x Fujitsu Air conditioning AOYG12KPCA Heat pump Inverter R32 3.5Kw/12000Btu 240V~50Hz

1 x Wireless Ir Remote Controller
15 Meters of 1/4" & 3/8" Pipes
15 Meters of cable for interconnecting cable
15 Meters of installation for pipes
1 X Pack of cable ties
1 x 60Kg Premium Wall bracket for condensing unit

The ASYG-KPCA Economy R32 wall mounted air conditioner is a people-friendly, function packed, environment-friendly range of heating and cooling systems. The Fujitsu ASYG-KPCA has a flat compact design indoor unit which is quiet and efficient, the indoor wall mounted units offer a basic range of functions designed for living spaces, offices, bedrooms and small rooms. Fujitsu air conditioners make the room more comfortable with automatic operation functions, easy to clean air cleaning filters and easy control functions. All Fujitsu air conditioner models feature heat pump inverter technology which are highly efficient in operation and conserve electricity usage.

The Fujitsu air conditioning ASYG-KMCC front panel has a slim square design on the indoor unit which provides easier cleaning as the air return remains hidden at the top and the front fascia has no air inlet. The unit is a slim-line construction only 224mm deep and has a high density heat exchanger which optimises and enhances the flow/K calories ratio to the air and produces very little noise (22dB@1meter). Because of this design the turbine fan is able to work at a lower speed and minimises noise. The fully functional modern IR type remote control comes as standard with a optional wi-fi available.

The Fujitsu air conditioning AOYG-KPCA outdoor units are made from lightweight material, are smaller and weigh less whilst the  rigid construction, quality  and control system increasing their resistance and optimised power rating in any outside weather conditions. Among the many qualities of outdoor unit's body design is the noise reduction as a result of the material absorption of vibrations, noise and the incorporation of protection of the connection valves so all condensate can be dispersed into a single drain out point.

Product Key Feature's:

• High SCOP
• Infra-red controller    
• Slim square construction
• Pipe runs up to 15 metres
• Low noise – 22dBA on low
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
• PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 15 metres pipe length

Low ambient tested to -15 Deg/C in heating.
• Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit.


Technical Data:

Indoor Unit: ASYG12KPCA

Outdoor Unit: AOYG12KPCA

Power source Phase Single-phase
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity Cooling 3.4 (0.9 - 3.7) kW
Heating 3.8 (0.9 - 4.8) kW
Input Power Cooling 1.000 kW
Heating 1.140 kW
EER Cooling 3.40 W/W
COP Heating 3.33 W/W
Pdesign Cooling 3.4 kW
Heating (-10°C) 2.5 kW
SEER Cooling 6.30 W/W
SCOP Heating (Average) 4.10 W/W
Energy Efficiency Class Cooling A++
Heating (Average) A+
Max. Operating Current Cooling 6.5 A
Heating 9.0 A
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling 189 kWh/a
Heating 853 kWh/a
Moisture Removal 1.8 l/h
Sound Pressure Level Indoor (Cooling) High 46 dB(A)
Middle 40 dB(A)
Low 33 dB(A)
Quiet 22 dB(A)
Indoor (Heating) High 46 dB(A)
Middle 40 dB(A)
Low 35 dB(A)
Quiet 27 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level Outdoor (Cooling) High 49 dB(A)
Outdoor (Heating) High 51 dB(A)
Sound Power Level Indoor (Cooling) High 59 dB(A)
Indoor (Heating) High 59 dB(A)
Outdoor (Cooling) High 62 dB(A)
Outdoor (Heating) High 62 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate Indoor (Cooling) High 630 m3/h
Outdoor (Cooling) High 1700 m3/h
Net Dimensions
Height 270 mm
Width 784 mm
Depth 224 mm
Net Dimensions
Height 541 mm
Width 663 mm
Depth 290 mm
Net Weight Indoor 8.0 kg
Outdoor 25.0 kg
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid φ6.35 mm
Gas φ9.52 mm
Drain Hose Diameter φ11.8(I.D.) φ15 to φ16.8(O.D.) mm
Max Pipe Length (Pre Charge) 20 (15.0) m
Max Height Difference 15 m
Operation Range Cooling -10 to 46 °CDB
Heating -15 to 24 °CDB
Refrigerant Type R32
Global Warming Potential 675
Charge 590 g (0.398 CO2eq–T)


Communication kit : UTY-TWBXF2

Wireless LAN Interface : UTY-TFSXW1

PDF Data Sheet:

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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