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Fuel Cell Generators

The EFOY Comfort is the next generation fuel cell from SFC Energy. Featuring a new, more elegant form factor the range has been reduced to three simple models: 80, 140 and 210 offering an improved power output over the older EFOY RV units of 40W, 72W and 105W respectively.

Still working on the original concept of the EFOY RV, the EFOY Comfort works as a battery charger connected directly to your batteries. Constantly monitoring the battery voltage the fuel cell will switch on when they drop below 12.3V.

Featuring an improved charging routine, the EFOY Comfort is designed to give you more power from the outset at the expense of end of life power. This results in you getting to use more power that you've paid for on an product that you're unlikely to use enough to reach end of life.

For your piece of mind a two year warranty comes as standard on the EFOY Comfort 80 and 140. On the EFOY Comfort 210 a staggering FIVE YEAR warranty is included.

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