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Daikin MC70LB Plasma Ioniser Titanium Apatite Anti Bacterial & Virus Air Purifier 240V~50Hz

Daikin MC70LB Plasma Ioniser Titanium Apatite Anti Bacterial & Virus Air Purifier 240V~50Hz

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The ultimate in air purification with six layers of filtration to eliminate any issues with the air you breath  

This is a new product for 2020, packed with the features you would expect form the worlds premier air conditioning manufacturer. Decomposes and fragmenting viruses, mould and bacteria

The MC70LB is for users who want peace of mind that the air they breathe is ultimately cleaned. The Daikin MC70LB  has six layers of purification and is ideal for virus / mould / bacteria depletion and dirty air reduction. There are so many particles in the air we breath, many of which are natural and generally harmless while others are viral, bacterial and chemical contaminants. It is essential, therefore, to remove and destroy the contaminants and any allergens present as these have a direct negative impact on our health. This has become ever apparent with strains of viruses and pathogens we are all facing on a day to day basis. This creates an environment that means we no longer enjoy the health benefits of clean air​​​​​​ or have peace of mind of a pathogen free environment.

The Daikin MC70LB air purifier is designed to do all of the above efficiently and effectively, producing clean air that it is, once again, fit to breath. At the same time, the MC70LB air purifier filters out the particles that produce odours, ‘decomposes’ them, and thus eliminate residual and unwanted smells. By removing the unwanted and potentially dangerous particles, the MC70LB air purifier is directly contributing to the creation of an enhanced and healthy environment.

How Daikin's Streamer technology works: 

The massive streamer discharge hits the viruses, mould, bacteria, allergens and hazardous chemical substances, decomposing and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed through oxidation, thus rendering the virus safe. The streamer discharge then breaks down into safe nitrogen and oxygen atoms and water molecules. 

Key Product Features:

  • Powerful air purification increases indoor air quality with Daikin Streamer technology
  • Large air flow: 420m³/h in turbo mode
  • Whisper quiet operation: down to 16dBA sound pressure level
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to clean flat panel
  • Plasma ionizer as standard

Technical Specifications: 

Casing Colour White
Dimensions Unit Height mm 576
Width mm 403
Depth mm 241
Packed unit Height mm 615
Width mm 445
Depth mm 280
Weight Unit kg 8.5
Packed unit kg 11
Applicable room area 46
Air purifying operation Power input Turbo kW 0.065
H kW 0.026
M kW 0.016
L kW 0.010
Silent kW 0.007
Sound pressure level Air purifying operation Turbo dBA 63
High dBA 54
Medium dBA 47
Low dBA 39
Silent dBA 31
Fan Type Multi Blade Fan (Sirocco fan with shroud assembly)
Air flow rate Air purifying operation Turbo m³/h 420
High m³/h 285
Medium m³/h 210
Low m³/h 130
Silent m³/h 55
Fan motor Speed Drive Direct drive
Dust collecting method Plasma ionizer, Electrostatic dust collection filter
Deodorizing method Flash streamer + Titanium apatite deodorising filter
Air filter Type Polypropylene net
Sign Item 01 Dust: 3 stages
02 Odour: 3 stages
03 Automatic operation (LL-H)
04 Airflow rate (LL/L/M/H)
05 Turbo mode (HH)
06 Anti-pollen mode
07 Sleep mode
08 Lock (Anti-tamper)
09 Off timer (1.2.4h)
10 Maintenance: Filter replacement
11 Maintenance: Cleaning of ionization/streamer
Safety devices Item 01 Safety switch (operation stops when the front panel opens)
Standard Accessories Wireless remote control 1
Pleated filter 5
Operation manual 1
Power cord m 2
Power supply Phase 1~
Frequency Hz 50/60
Voltage V 220-240/220-230
Running current Air purifying operation Turbo A 0.55
High A 0.25
Medium A 0.15
Low A 0.10
Silent A 0.08
Notes Sound power levels are the average of values measured at 1m away from the front, left, right and top of the unit (this is equal to the value in an anechoic chamber).
Panel color: white; Display part color: silver

PDF Data sheets:


Daikin MC70LB Catalogue

User Manual

Daikin MC70LB Plasma Ionizer data user manual

Article from Wikipedia: regards ionizer technology and virus depletion in NHS environments:

The frequency of nosocomial infections in British hospitals prompted the National Health Service (NHS) to research the effectiveness of anions for air purification, finding that repeated airborne acinetobacter infections in a ward were eliminated by the installation of a negative air ioniser—the infection rate fell to zero, an unexpected result. Positive and negative ions produced by air conditioning systems have also been found by a manufacturer to inactivate viruses including influenza.[2]


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