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Air Purifier Domestic & Light Commercial

Daikin MC707BFVM Air Cleaner

Daikin MC707BFVM Air Cleaner

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Daikin MC707BFVM The Ultimate Air Cleaner Allergen Sufferers

The Daikin air purifier model MC707BFVM and has been approved by two reputed testing institutions The British Allergy Foundation and TÜV Nord for specifically restricting or removing high levels of named allergens from the environment of allergy sufferers. For allergy sufferers this has certifications from TÜV and BAF Air purifier approval.

The Daikin air purifier model MC707BFVM has been approved by two reputed testing institutions for specifically restricting or removing high levels of named allergens from the environment of 
allergy sufferers.
(Approval 1)  British Allergy Foundation The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) has granted the Daikin Air Purifier MC707VM its Seal of  Approval for reduction in exposure to the following allergens;
•  house dust mite;
•  cat allergen;
•  mould;
•  tobacco smoke;
•  pollen; and
•  formaldehyde
(Approval 2)  TÜV Nord The TÜV Nord Testing Laboratory for Indoor  Air Hygiene examined the ability of the Daikin air purifier to remove airborne fine particulates, paying special attention to allergenic indoor substances.  The examination proved the high efficiency  level of the MC707VM.

(Flash Streamer Technology) 
The MC707VM is the result of many years of investment in innovation. The advanced 7-layer filtering system, along with Daikin’s innovative Flash Streamer technology are just two key factors that contribute to the enhanced performance of the air purifier. Flash Streamer decomposes chemical substances such as odours and formaldehyde into harmless byproducts. Flash Streamer also promotes a photocatalytic reaction on the surface of the Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Filter that decomposes bacteria and viruses. The unit is ultra-quiet, making it suitable for use in bedrooms; portable, so can easily be moved from room to room; low in maintenance; and easy to clean. Its compact, stylish design makes it ideal for a range of interior locations such as homes, hotels, offices and restaurants.
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