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Daikin Air Conditioning Altherma Air Source Heat Pump

Daikin EVLQ-CV3 Hybrid Heat-Pump Boiler System Installation Kit 240V~50Hz

Daikin EVLQ-CV3 Hybrid Heat-Pump Boiler System Installation Kit 240V~50Hz

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The most advanced hybrid heat pump gas boiler available

Replaces Gas And LPG Boilers 

The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump is a unique combination of a high efficiency gas combi boiler and the latest renewable energy air-to-water heat pump. The most efficient system available for gas and LPG boiler replacement, the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump gas boiler is ideal for replacing on-gas and LPG boilers as there's no need to replace existing radiators and pipe-work. The Hybrid is most suited to properties with heat loads from 12kW-20kW, but can cover heat loads up to 27kW
The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump uses a high efficiency combi boiler to provide domestic hot water while the heat pump adds supplementary heating and adds to the efficiency of the heating system, doing it seamlessly. The direct flow burner also provides support for space heating when required. By directly heating the cold water, the combi boiler condenses even in hot water mode. This increases efficiency even further compared with traditional gas combi boilers.

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is controlled by smart hybrid logic. This automatically selects the most cost-effective heating mode at any time of day or night, all year-round. It takes into account external temperatures and internal heat and hot water demand, as well as the relative cost of gas and electricity. Home-owners and tenants can input their latest energy tariffs so that the smart hybrid logic control can identify the most economical operating mode. It maximizes the use of the heat pump as long as this is more cost-efficient than using the gas boiler.

Video Data:

Operation Modes:
  • At any time, the smart logic selects one of four available operating modes to ensure the most economical performance:
  • Supplies domestic hot water heating
  • Instantaneous hot water from a gas combi boiler
  • High flow rate 13 litres / minute (dT 35 °C)
Key Product Features:

  • Heat pump only: ideal in mild temperatures. Heat pump capacity and efficiency is high enough to satisfy total demand
  • First hybrid mode: operational when outdoor temperature drops. Heat pump efficiency falls but continues to operate. Boiler provides additional heat required
  • Second hybrid mode: comes into use when the outdoor temperature drops further and the heat pump efficiency reduces. The unique flow control automatically regulates the variable speed pump to slow the flow rate. This raises the heat pump efficiency for as long as possible before switching totally to boiler mode.
  • Boiler only: When the outdoor temperature is very low, the system temperature requirement is highest. In these conditions, the pump is less economical, so only the boiler operates.

Technical Data:

Boiler Module Heat Pump Module Heat Pump Module
Heating & DHW Heating only Heating only
Heating input (Hi) Min - Max G20 (20 mbar) kW 7.6 - 27.0 - -
Heat output CH Min - Max 80/60 kW 8.2 - 26.6 - -
SEDBUK 2009 rating % 89.1 - -
DHW output Min - Max kW 7.6 - 32.7 - -
Flow rate Max                                   dT 35K l/min 13.1 - -
Dimensions (casing) H x W x D mm 710 × 450 × 240 902 x 450 x 164 902 x 450 x 164
Weight kg 36 33 31.2
Flue length, 60/100 Max m 10 - -
Flue length, 80/125 Max m 29 - -
Plume kit for 60/100 dBA yes - -
Adjustable to LPG dBA yes - -
Outdoor Unit EVLQ05CV3 EVLQ08CV3
Heating capacity Minimum, heat pump operation only kW 1.8 1.8
Heating capacity Nominal, heat pump operation only kW 4.40 1
4.03 2
7.4 1
6.89 2
COP Nominal, heat pump operation only 5.04 1
3.58 2
4.45 1
3.42 2
Dimensions H x W x D mm 735 x 832 x 307 735 x 832 x 307
Weight kg 54 56
Sound power level 61 62
Sound pressure level 48 49
  1. heating Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C - LWC 35°C (DT = 5°C)
  2. heating Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C - LWC 45°C (DT = 5°C)

This Kit Includes:

1 X EVLQ05/08CV3 - 5kW or 8kW Outdoor heat pump
1 x EHYHBH05/08AV32 - 5kW or 8kW Hydro box
1 x EHYKOMB33AA2 - 33kW Hybrid combi boiler
1 x EKRUCBL2 - User interface
1 x EKVK3A - Hybrid Valve kit
1 x EKHY093467 - Pipe Covers

PDF Data:

These units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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