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Daikin Air Conditioning Roundflow Cassette Inverter Heat Pump FCAG A++

Daikin Air Conditioning FCQG50F Compact Roundflow Cassette (5Kw/18000Btu) Inverter Heat Pump A++ 240V~50Hz

Daikin Air Conditioning FCQG50F Compact Roundflow Cassette (5Kw/18000Btu) Inverter Heat Pump A++ 240V~50Hz

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Restricted space suspended ceilings in office and retail applications, A++ Energy rated product. 

Daikin air conditioning's unique 360° Roundflow compact cassette has a slim casing structure and is designed for restricted space suspended ceilings in residential, office and retail applications. The 360° operation ensures even distribution of temperatures and airflow with no dead spots in the room. The vertical auto swing system automatically cycles the outflow louvers up and down, distributing the air and temperature evenly throughout the room. An optional presence sensor saves you up to 27% more in energy use and allows the system to dynamically respond to room occupancy. If the room is empty, air conditioning can be automatically switched off. When the room is occupied, air flow is directed away from occupants for draught-free comfort.  

​Daikin air conditioning's Round-flow compact cassette air conditioners are of a low profile design for easy installation into a 600x600 ceiling grid and plastered ceiling. Daikin's cassette range lead the industry with their energy savings, low sound levels  and wide model range. The Round-flow indoor units are extremely quiet in operation, the sound levels are as low as 28 dB. The filter is able to trap microscopic particles, to decompose odours, and even to remove bacteria and to deactivate viruses. The filter lasts for 3 years without replacement if washed about  around 6 months.

The Round-flow cassette and RXS condenser can be used as a cost effective way to replace old equipment as they are able to use existing R22 and R407C pipe-work. FCQG-F / RXS-L pairs are listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL) – the definitive list of products that qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). A Presence sensor control's the temperature set point based on occupancy and can reduce running costs by up to 27% over a 3 hour period. The remote controller gives access to a range of energy saving settings, allowing control over set-point ranges, fan speed and other day-to-day use of controls. The controller also gives a kWh indication of the power consumed by the cassette and outdoor unit so you can monitor your energy usage.


Product Key Feature's:

• High SCOP, up to record 4.29
• High Air movement volume
• Fixed wall mounted controller
• Slim construction 
• Pipe runs up to 20 meters
• Low noise levels
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
• PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 10 metres pipe length


Product Technical Data:

Indoor unit FCQG50F
Capacity UK Total Cooling kW 4.89
UK Sensible Cooling kW 3.26
Nominal Cooling kW 5.00
Nominal Heating kW 6.00
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825)  COOLING Energy Label A++
Pdesign kW 5.00
SEER 6.48
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 270
Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825)  HEATING Energy Label A++
Pdesign kW 4.36
SCOP 4.29
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 1426
Nominal Efficiency EER / COP 3.55 / 3.7
Energy Label A / A
Annual Energy Consumption kWh 705
Air Flow Rate                                 High / Low m3/min 12.6 / 8.7
(with Decoration Panel)
Height mm 204 (264)
Width mm 840 (950)
Depth mm 840 (950)
Weight (with Decoration Panel) kg 19 (24.4)
Sound Pressure                             High  /  Low dBA 31  /  27
Sound Power dBA 49

Outdoor unit RXS50L
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth mm 735 x 825 x 300
Weight   kg 47
Electrical Details Power Supply 1ph
Running Current A 6.30
Starting Current A 6.80
Max Fuse Size A 20
Interconnection Wiring Core / Cable size 3+E  /  2.5
Piping Connections Liquid / Gas inches 1/4  /  1/2
Pipework Maximum Length m 30
Maximum Vertical Rise m 20
Precharged to m 10
Additional Charge g/m 20
Holding Charge kg 1.7
Sound Pressure High dBA 48
Sound Power   dBA 62



Self cleaning deco-panel (BYCQ140DG) White louvred deco-panel
BYCQ140DW) Presence sensor (BRYQ140A)
Fresh air intake kit (KDDQ55B140)


PDF Data:

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