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Daikin Air Conditioning Roundflow Cassette Inverter Heat Pump FCAG A++

Daikin Air Conditioning FCAG71B+AZAS71MV1 Round-flow Cassette 7Kw/24000Btu R32 A+ 240V~50Hz

Daikin Air Conditioning FCAG71B+AZAS71MV1 Round-flow Cassette 7Kw/24000Btu R32 A+ 240V~50Hz

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Daikin Air Conditioning FCAG71B+AZAS71MV1 Round-flow Cassette 7Kw/24000Btu R32 A+ 240V~50Hz

A+ rated energy product


1 x Daikin Air Conditioning FCAG71B Round-flow Cassette R32
1 x Daikin Air Conditioning AZAS71MV1 Active R32 outdoor unit
1 x Standard BRC Daikin hard wired controller


Daikin air conditioning's unique 360° Roundflow FCAG-A cassette range has a ultra slim casing structure and is designed for restricted space suspended ceilings in residential, office and retail applications. The 360° operation ensures even distribution of temperatures and airflow with no dead spots in the room. The vertical auto swing system automatically cycles the outflow louvers up and down, distributing the air and temperature evenly throughout the room. An optional presence sensor saves you up to 27% more in energy use and allows the system to dynamically respond to room occupancy. If the room is empty, air conditioning can be automatically switched off. When the room is occupied, air flow is directed away from occupants for draught-free comfort.  

​Daikin air conditioning's Round-flow cassette air conditioners are of a low profile design (204mm) for easy installation into and plastered ceiling. Daikin's cassette range lead the industry with their energy savings, low sound levels  and wide model range. The Round-flow indoor units are extremely quiet in operation, the sound levels are as low as 28 dB. The filter is able to trap microscopic particles, to decompose odours, and even to remove bacteria and to deactivate viruses. The filter lasts for 3 years without replacement if washed about  around 6 months.

The Round-flow cassette and RXS condenser can be used as a cost effective way to replace old equipment as they are able to use existing R22, R410A and R407C pipe-work. A Presence sensor controls the temperature set point based on occupancy and can reduce running costs by up to 27% over a 3 hour period. The remote controller gives access to a range of energy saving settings, allowing control over set-point ranges, fan speed and other day-to-day use of controls. The controller also gives a kWh indication of the power consumed by the cassette and outdoor unit so you can monitor your energy usage.

Product Key Feature's:

• High SCoP, up to record 4.10
• High Air movement volume
• Fixed wall mounted controller
• Slim construction
• Pipe runs up to 50 meters
• Low noise levels
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
up to 30 metres pipe length


Product Technical Data:

Indoor Units

Single Phase



UK Total Cooling                      kW


UK Sensible Cooling                kW


Nominal Cooling                      kW


Nominal Heating                        kW


Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) COOLING

Energy Label


Pdesign                                        kW




Annual Energy Consumption   kWh


Seasonal Efficiency (EN14825) HEATING

Energy Label


Pdesign                                        kW




Annual Energy Consumption   kWh


Nominal Efficiency                  EER/COP


Air Flow Rate (Cooling)        High / Nom / Low                    m3/sec



(with Decoration Panel)

Height                                        mm

204 (264)

Width                                            mm

840 (950)

Depth                                         mm

840 (950)

Weight (with Decoration Panel)                                             kg

21 (26.4)

Sound Pressure (Cooling)     High / Nom / Low                        dBA


Sound Pressure (Heating)    High / Nom / Low                    dBA


Sound Power (Cooling)                                                            dBA


Outdoor Units


Dimensions                            Height x Width x Depth          mm

770 x 900 x 320

Weight                                                                                        kg


Electrical Details

Power Supply


Maximum Input Current (MCA) A


Max Fuse Size                           A


Interconnection Wiring          Core / Cable Size

3+E / 1.5

Piping Connections              Liquid / Gas                              inches (mm)

3/8 (9.5) /

5/8 (15.9)


Maximum Length                    m


Maximum Vertical Rise             m


Precharged to                           m


Additional charge                    g/m

Refer to Installation Manual

Holding charge                         kg


Sound Pressure (Cooling)    Nom / Night Quiet                   dBA


Sound Pressure (Heating)    Nom / Night Quiet                  dBA


Sound Power (Cooling)                                                            dBA


Operating Range (Cooling)   Min / Max                                     °CDB


Operating Range (Heating)   Min / Max                                    °CWB


Air Flow Rate (Cooling)          Nominal                                        m3/sec




BYCQ140E     Decoration panel - White (Included as standard)
YCQ140EB         Decoration panel - Black
BRP069B82        Wifi adaptor for connection to on-line controller
BRC1H519W7      New - wired touch screen remote controller - White (Included asstandard)
BRC1H519S7    New - wired touch screen remote controller - Silver
BRC1H519K7    New - wired touch screen remote controller - Black
BRC7FA532F     Wireless remote controller
BRYQ140B      Integral PIR sensor for roundflow decoration panel (for white panel)
BRYQ140BB      Integral PIR sensor for roundflow decoration panel (for black panel)
BYCQ140EGF      Auto Cleaning Deco Panel - White
BYCQ140EGFB      Auto Cleaning Deco Panel - Black
BYCQ140EW    Decoration Panel - Full White
EWHAR1        Extension wire - Required if Wifi Adaptor and Auto Cleaning panel are installed together
K.CGL      Condensing unit guard size 100-140
K.CGM       Condensing unit guard size 42-71

K.CWB140-2                     Condensing unit bracket - size 100 to 140
K.CWB90-2                    Condensing unit bracket - up to size 71, max weight 90kg of
ODU K.DT1                       Condensate drip tray for use with K.CWB90-2
K.DT2                                 Condensate drip tray for use with K.CWB140-2
K.RSS                                  Wireless room mounted temperature sensor and receiver 
KDBHQ55B140                 Sealing member for air discharge outlet
KDDP55C160-1        Fresh air intake kit for up to 20% fresh air (Part 1)
KDDQ55B140-2         Fresh air intake kit for up to 20% fresh air (Part 2)
KLIC-DI                               KNX Interface for Sky Air and VRV systems
KRCS01-4                          Remote room mounted temperature sensor
KRP4A53 and UK.FB2     Unit/group adaptor PCB for remote on/off, status indication and temperature setting
RS-SE                              Service and configuration tool for K.RSS
RTD-10 and UK.FB2      Enhanced function PCB for Sky Air and VRV. Duty rotation, Lead Lag control and heating interlock
RTD-20 and UK.FB2        Energy control PCB for Sky Air and VRV RTD-NET
UK.FB2         Modbus interface PCB for Sky Air and VRV


PDF Data:

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.

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