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Daikin Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump ATX

Daikin Air Conditioning ATX25JV Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump (2.5 Kw / 9000 Btu) 240V~50hZ

Daikin Air Conditioning ATX25JV Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump (2.5 Kw / 9000 Btu) 240V~50hZ

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Daikin air conditioning ATX25J split wall mounted inverter heat pump (2.5 kW / 9000 Btu)


Daikin air conditioners lead the industry with their energy savings and wide model range. This series offers you a flat panel design with high performances and great energy efficiency. These indoor units are extremely quiet in operation, the sound levels are as low as 22dB which is comparable to rustling leaves. The outdoor unit silent operation function brings you comfort by automatically lowering the operation sound of the outdoor unit with 3dB(A). If night set mode is automatically selected by pressing the ‘off’ timer button. This function prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gently raising/lowering the temperature before the air conditioner stops, so you can sleep more comfortably.

The filter is able to trap microscopic particles, to decompose odours, and even to remove bacteria and to deactivate viruses. The filter lasts for 3 years without replacement if washed about every 6 months. 

Product Key Feature's

• High CoP, up to record 3.70
• Energy Saving
• Infra-red controller with wall mounting bracket                                              
• Reduced height slim construction
• Pipe runs up to 15 meters
• Low noise levels
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
up to 10 metres pipe length

Product Technical Data

Power source 1 ph 240V
Type  Inverter controlled
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 2.5 / 9000 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 3.3 / 13000 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW  2.5
UK Sensible Cooling kW  2.5
E.E.R.  3.65
Energy label in heating A
Energy label in cooling  A
C.o.P  3.70
ECA - Yes


Exterior dimensions (mm) 273x784x195
Net weight kg 7.5
Sound Pressure Level* (cooling) dB(A) 38/25/22
Sound Pressure Level* (heating) dB(A) 38/28/22


Exterior dimensions (mm) 550 x 765 x 285
Net weight kg 30
Power Source Rating MCB A 15A
Refrigerant max piping length m 15 (R410a)
Pipe sizes - 1/4" x  3/8"

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