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A compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution for applications where a outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. Ideal for office, high rise buildings, conservatory dwarf walls, hotel, home and light commercial air conditioning applications. Heats and cools.


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Cotec Pure Sinewave Inverter S1500-212 12V to 240V 1500 Watts

Our Price: £639.19
Output Power

Cotec offer the convenience of mains appliances when you’re on the move. Power up your hi-tech equipment with “clean” 230 Volt AC from a Cotec Pure Sinewave Inverter. Some equipment will only operate correctly with a pure sinewave power supply. Cotec Inverters produce a Pure Sinewave using a greater frequency of “switching” along with filtering to achieve a very close approximation to mains AC electricity. Cotec Pure Sinewave Inverters achieve a greater match to this form than Modified Sinewave Inverters. Not surprisingly they are more expensive than Modified Sinewave Inverters.

Use the Cotec Pure Sinewave Inverters for:

Motor loads such as Pumps, Fluorescent Lighting, etc. Large T.V.’s Stereo Systems Sensitive Electrical Appliances Medical Equipment

Specification S1500-212 (12 V) S1500-224 (24 V)
DC Input Voltage – Regulated (V) 10.5 – 15.0 21.0-30.0
AC Output Voltage-Regulated (V) 220/230/240V RMS -10%/+4% 220/230/240V RMS -10%/+4%
Continuous Power Output (W) 1500 1500
Maximum Power Output (W) 1700 1725
Surge Power Output (W) 2000 3000
Efficiency (Full Load) (%) 86 93
No Load Current Draw (A) Less than 0.12 A Saving mode 0.70
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) (mm) 415 x 191 x 88 415 x 191 x 88
Net Weight (Kg) 5.22 5.22
Part Number CA – 14/52 CA – 14/52X

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