Coronavirus Covid-19 Air Cleaning Products And Services Explained


The Covid-19 Corona-virus that has now become a reality for many homes and business. We must now learn to adapt to deal with social distancing and other social obligations to comply with guidelines set out by individual governments around the world. Air management of the working environment has never been more important and the use of air purifiers as a way of cleaning the air by the means of high output UV lamps, Ionisers and carbon filters. 

How to fight a microscopic enemy Coronavirus / Covid-19:

Fighting a virus that is microscopic (Coronavirus / Covid-19 average diameter < 0.5 μm Lancet) requires technology that can work at microscopic levels such as cold foggers, ionisers and UV lamps within air cleaners. 

Ionisers simply explained:

Ionisers are a great way to clean and refresh air, they release negative ions that have a degrading effect on viruses and bacteria while at the same time making the air more palatable. They have been in air cleaning technology for many years used for allergy suffers and the likes as a way of making the air we breathe cleaner and fresher. Ionisers emit the same ozone smell that an electrical thunder storm give off, the crisp palpable ozone. 

UV Lamps simply explained:

UV Lamps are ideal for use in air cleaners and perfect for bacteria and virus destruction down to DNA level. Many of us will have seen the technology now used on robot cleaning technology in hospitals, they have shown to be ideal for coronavirus / Covid-19 infected areas. high powered UV-C lights produce O3 negative ions usually the UV-C light has a tungsten lamp filament rated with a 3C certification, the lamps purple disinfection bar has a disinfection / sterilization effect of up to 99.9%.

Cold Foggers explained:

The microscopic fog ejected from a cold fogger application is able to get deep into areas liquid spraying would not be suitable for due to water damage and to the molecule size of the spray nozzle. This makes a cold fogger ideal for deep disinfection for example into a computer keyboards, curtains and fibres of clothes, clinging deep into them without necessarily making them wet. The application can also be used in air conditioning ducting, cars, trains and hotels etc, allowing the user to professionally sanitise an entire area at a microscopic level.

Air Exchange Systems and the benefits of freshening the air:

Air exchange units give you the benefit of the fresh air from outside without the loss of heat of cooling in the room they are serving. With covid-19 coronavirus it has been proved to be a huge benefit and that fresh air is a must. The main benefits of air exchange is that in most cases +80% of the heat in a room is kept in while at the same time the air exchange is being exchanged. As a rule of thumb a minimun air exchange for any room should be 3 times every our.

How to work out what air exchange unit size is for you. The way to work out what you require for your area is to measure the cubic area of your room, then times that figure by three. i.e: if your room is 3 metres x 3 metres x 3 metres, (3x3x2)=18 your total area is 18 M3. Times this by the amount of times you want to turn the room over each hour (3 in our case) you would require 18x3=54m3/hr.


Answer: A unit with a output of 54m3/hr

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