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See our Blog for the latest offers and product news.



See our Blog for the latest offers and product news.

13/12/2023: New range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AHU INTERFACE AHU-KIT-SP for non MHI coils. Take a look at the full range here.

01/11/2023: New range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-ZTL Premium Plus wall mounted air conditioning units, some with inbuilt wi-fi technology. Take a look at the full range here

24/10/2023: New range of Panasonic BZ, TZ and KEW wall mounted air conditioning units, some with inbuilt wi-fi technology. Take a look at the full range here.

07/09/2023: New range of Haier TIDE wall mounted air conditioning unit with inbuilt wi-fi and silver coil fresh technology. Take a look at the full range here.

02 May 2023: Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning now available to self select on a multi system format. Take a look at the full range here.

22 March 2023: Free Delivery special offer for qualifying orders, Get Free Delivery on Qualifying Orders - Limited Time Offer for spring / summer 2023, includes heaters, fans, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, spare parts and more. No action is required, just check the cart delivery to see if your order qualifies. 

03 March 2023: New for 2023, Experience Year-Round Comfort with the iPAC-40 Heat Pump Air Conditioner, the versatile unit which can be ducted up to 6 meters, View the units here: iPAC-40 & iPAC-70

03 January 2023: Record visitors for 2022, receives 1,394,879 unique visitors with 2,454,015 total page views. Orion AC&R limited is a UK based distributor of environmental products as well as commercial and industrial equipment. Our range of equipment include air conditioning, garden equipment, air compressors, fans, heat pumps, space heaters, air purifiers, air exchange units, dehumidifiers and refrigeration equipment. Since 2005 we have offered our expertise and quality service backup to clients in the UK and overseas. With a huge range of equipment to offer we supply leading distributors, businesses, government, ​​​the HVAC trade and end users with quality branded equipment.

13 December 2022:  This year we will be closed for the Christmas break on the following days:

Fri 23rd Dec - CLOSED
Tues 27th Dec - CLOSED
Wed 28th Dec - CLOSED
Thurs 29th Dec - CLOSED
Fri 30th Dec - CLOSED
Mon 2nd Jan - CLOSED

Tues 3rd Jan - OPEN

07 October 2022: New range of Phazair single phase rotary screw air compressors, with up to 27.5 cfm FAD from a 230v single phase supply. The largest single phase screw compressor available. 2.2kW up to 5.5kW.  Learn More

14 September 2022:  We are saddened by the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II and as a mark of respect, our offices and warehouses will be closed on the day of the state funeral, Monday, September 19 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

15 July 2022: Back in stock. The popular EH1413 portable air conditioning system. A powerful and versatile unit, perfect for offices, homes and commercial applications.  Learn More

15 February 2022: Orion introduce a Truvox cleaning products including floor scrubbers, washers and high velocity fans ideal for catering, nursing homes, retail, and educational premises.  Learn More

01 February 2022: Daikin Air Conditioning introduce a new range of air exchange CHRV. The Duco is a new concept that allows one unit to do a multi room CHRV.  Learn More

22 December 2021: Orion AC&R will shut it's office and warehouses on the 24/12/21 for the Christmas holiday break. We will reopen on the 04/01/22 and operate normal office hours from there. All orders placed during this holiday period will be processed on the 04/01/22. We wish all our customers a enjoyable holiday and look forward to doing business with you all in the new year.

15 December 2021:

Blended Ethanediol Ethylene Glycol Coolblend-TX Heat Transfer Fluid. A new range of glycol based heat transfer fluids for refrigeration and heat pump applications.  Learn More

24 November 2021: Toshiba Air Conditioning introduce a new range of R32 wall mounted units for 2021/2022 season. The new range, the Haori, Shorai & Seiya offers the customer new features such as plasma air purification, wi-fi control, cooling and heating.  Learn More

25 October 2021: New range of Hyundai space heaters now available. Learn more

25 October 2021: Delayed shipments: We offer our apologies for any late deliveries and inconvenience. Due to international cargo issues, procedures and safety policies, we are experiencing processing and shipping delays on some cargo's. All shipping partners we use have also implement rigorous safety procedures to reduce any delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to ensure delays are kept to a minimum during these unprecedented times. 

09 September 2021: Samsung Air Conditioning new range of R32 units now available giving the users the option of cooling and heating in one system,  Learn More

01 September 2021: Panasonic The Fuelbox system is a new and inoviative way to fuel up without the huge footprint associated with disposable packaging. Availbe in Red Diesel, Diesel+ , Adblue and Kerosene. Learn More

25 August 2021:: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning systems now back in stock across the range including wall, cassette, duct, floor and console: Learn More

15 July 2021: Air compressor manufacturers including Fini, Nuair, Clarke and Hyundai are experiencing spare parts shortages and price increases due to manufacturing and shipping costs. Please be aware that air compressor products and spare parts shipments have been delayed with extended lead times on most air compressor products. We extend our apologies to all our customers for any incontinence experienced.

24 June 2021: Lg spare parts increase due to increased shipping costs. Please be aware that Lg air conditioning shipments have been delayed on some shipments again due to shipping issues and EU stock issues. 

23 June 2021: Stock shortages across all air conditioning manufacturers ranges. This year due to huge stock shortages we are updating our stock levels on a frequent basis. This year has been challenging for most manufacturers due to Covid-19's effect on the market as well as shipping. We hope to return to normal stock levels across all the manufacturers ranges as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused to customers who had chosen a unit for the season but are now unable to acquire due to stock issues. 

18 June 2021: Due to stock shortages we unfortunately have sold out of the full range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning R32 systems for the 2021 summer season. We hope to return to normal stock levels as soon as possible.

14 June 2021: The new Panasonic Air Conditioning R32 TZ indoor wall mounted units have a new size which allows installation above door openings and windows. The new multiple stage heat exchanger is folded to form a surround to the upper section of the fan enclosure. This ensures low air velocity, and reduced sound levels, whilst delivering high performance and efficiency. Learn More

14 June 2021: Due to high seasonal traffic visit to our website we are experiencing high call volume at this time. We apologise in advance for any delay in answering your call, Our sales and spares departments are operating as usual, account holders may consider emailing their account manager and new clients can email for any enquiries.

14 May 2021:: Fujitsu air conditioning systems 2021 brochure and price list now out. The new range of air exchange systems are included this year as well as R32 product across the range including wall, cassette, duct, floor and console: Learn More

04 May 2021:: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning systems now in R32 across the range including wall, cassette, duct, floor and console: Learn More

04 May 2021: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning archive service manuals now available for free on-line on our online drive. Unit data from 2006 to 2021: Learn More

07 April 2021: New, Coldstore freezer units designed to take the effort out of coldstore design Just size up the coldstore in M3 and select the unit to match. Using quality, compact and quiet systems they are ideal for replacements and new designs: Learn More

23 March 2021: New, The new range of Imbat air conditioning, chiller, rooftop, air exchange, air purification and air handling equipment. EU/UK Imbat Distributor: Orion Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Limited. View the full range and download the catalogue today:

Learn More

22 March 2021: New, The R32 Fujitsu Multi-room system now available with the option of multiple indoor units running off one outdoor unit. The Fujistu AOYG system gives the user the latest technology in a compact, modern, reliable system. 

Learn More

16 February 2021: Daikin UATYA rooftop packaged air conditioning systems are now available in R32 refrigerant and in four variants including UATYA-BBAY1 base, UATYA-BFC2Y1 2 damper fresh air, free cooling ​​​​​​and the UATYA-BFC3Y1 3 damper fresh air and extraction and the made to measure UATYA-BRS4

Learn More

02 February 2021: Air-X Pro air purifiers and cleaners now back in stock including air filters and other spare parts.

Learn More

29 January 2021: Daikin VRV 5 air conditioning systems now available in EU/UK. The Daikin VRV 5 is not only made for offices and shops, it’s great for residential buildings as well. Learn More

27 January 2021: A new air cleaner product range added, the STERASPACE PSA range of air & surface sanitisers, kills 98.11% of all airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. The  all viruses, bacteria, pathogens and many other airborne pollutants, whilst removing odours. They also recharge the air with over plasma generated negative Ions, leaving the air fresher, purer and virus free. Learn More

27 January 2021: A new air cleaner product range added, the AERAMAX Hepa, carbon and plasma range of air purifiers start improving your health and well-being. The  AERAMAX range is a solution that enhances the quality of your entire facility by eliminating odours and removing harmful germs, allergens and other irritants from the air.

Learn More

25 January 2021: We would like to keep our customers updated on late delivery issues on some manufacturers spare parts and in some cases unit delivery. Due to the problems ongoing at UK ports due to Covid-19 and Brexit some delivery times to and from EU and Asian markets are being extended. We will keep clients as up to date as possible with their cargo status via email.

UK Lockdown update. Orion AC&R Ltd remains open. At this time we are still not accepting visitors but clients will be able to pick up orders as long as they book an appointment prior to their visit. We are still running a skeleton staff level within our offices but still aim to offer as optimum a service as possible. 

04 January 2021: UK Lockdown update. Orion AC&R Ltd will remain open during the new UK lock down rules due to the essential nature of our business. We will however not be able to receive visitors but clients will be able to pick up orders as long as they book an appointment prior to their visit. We aim to provide as optimum a service as possible. 

04 January 2021: Orion AC&R Ltd re-opens after Christmas and new year holiday. Normal service resumes.

01 January 2021: VAT now set to 0% on EU orders. This is in line with UK government guidelines. We wish all our customers a happy new year.

23 December 2020: We are now shut for the Christmas 2020 holiday season. All orders placed within this period will be processed in the new year. We will reopen on Monday the 4th January 2021 at 9am GMT. We wish all our customers a happy holiday break and look forward to working with you in the new year.

26 November 2020: The new SmartAir & HomeSmart air purifier range are back in stock. These are a comprehensive range of premium grade air cleaner / air purifier's using the latest technology to filter plus ionisers and UV-C to clean the air. Learn More

09 November 2020:

HSE advice on the use of air conditioning and ventilation during the coronavirus pandemic. This guidance is based on the latest information from the HSE and may be updated as and when new information becomes available.

It is mandatory that employers by law, must ensure an adequate supply of fresh clean air in the workplace and this has not changed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus by refreshing the air in an environment. The HSE asks employers so focus on improving general air quality in the work place through good ventilation, preferably through fresh air intakes such as air purifiers, fresh air fans into the buildings existing air treatment systems or mechanical systems or air exchange systems. Where possible, consider ways to maintain and increase the supply of fresh air, for example, by opening windows and doors to bring fresh air into the work environment. If you want to maintain heat or cooling in a work environment look to use a air exchange system which takes air out of a work area and brings fresh air from outside, exchanging the heat from the inside air to the fresh air coming in. Most high end air exchange systems come with a plus 80% efficiencies meaning heat loss and heating costs are maintained at an acceptable level. Air purifiers are also a great way to clean the air inside a work area. Some air purifiers have a 99% particulate capture rate meaning almost the smallest of particulates down to 0.1 microns are captured (coronavirus 0.3 microns estimated).

Also consider if you can improve the circulation of outside air and prevent pockets of stagnant air in occupied outside spaces. This can be in areas such as service yards or kitchen service areas where bins, packaging, refrigeration condensing units and other heat extraction equipment dump heat and inside extracted air creating pockets of possible infection. You can do this by using fans and air intake fans for example, providing good ventilation can be maintained. As with circulating air conditioning systems the risk of transmission of the virus through the use of ceiling and desk fans is extremely low providing there is good ventilation in the area it is being used in. In a dental environment or surgery area for example the current advice for the work area is 10 air exchanges per hour, this is required after every treatment.

The risk of air conditioning spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace is extremely low as long as there is an adequate supply of fresh air and ventilation. You can continue using most types of air conditioning system as normal, but, if you use a centralised ventilation's system that removes and circulates air to different rooms it is recommended that you turn off recirculation and use/add a fresh air supply to the existing system. Ths can be with a fresh air make-up system into ducted, cassette systems etc to keep areas fresh. You do not need to adjust air conditioning systems that mix some of the extracted air with fresh air and return it to the room as this increases the fresh air ventilation rate. Also, you do not need to adjust systems in individual rooms or portable units as these operate on 100% recirculation. You should still however maintain a good supply of fresh air ventilation in the room. If you’re unsure, ask the advice of your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer or adviser.

02 November 2020

Lock down in England and how it will affect Orion AC&R Ltd operations. Orion AC&R and normal operations continue, orders being processed, deliveries will continue in line with government guidelines. The lockdown in the UK begins Thursday 5th of November 2020 with all of England being affected. As we supply key industries our business operations will be operating normally with office hours being the same 9am to 5pm GMT Monday to Friday. At this time we cannot conduct meeting or support client collections from our offices or warehouses. Orders and deliveries will continue as normal. Thank you for your continued support and we aim to offer clients as regular service as possible.

02 November 2020: The New Daikin MC55VB Plasma Ioniser Titanium Apatite Anti Bacterial & Virus Air Purifier is back in stock after a long absence. This has to be the  worlds premium air cleaner / air purifiers using the latest technology to filter and clean the air. Learn More 

30 September 2020: Visiting our offices or warehouse facilities. To protect our visitors, clients and staff, we at this time are not accepting visitors for collections or site visits and request that you only visit our office if you have an appointment or make prior arrangements. If you, a member of your household or someone you have been in contact with is experiencing symptoms of corona-virus or you or someone you have been in contact with has travelled from an area affected by the outbreak the NHS guidelines are to stay at home we kindly request that you do not visit our facilities until the self-isolation period is complete.

25 August 2020: New R32 range of MIRAI wall mounted systems with quiet operation on the indoor units and on the outdoor units. For 1.5kW to 5Kw Learn More , For 5.5kW to 7Kw Learn More 

10 July 2020: The full range of Hailia water chillers are coming back in to stock17/07/20 including HC100A, HC135A, HC150A, HC250A, HC300A and more. Learn More

17 June 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd is pleased to announce the realise of a new range of air purifiers of the highest standard. Designed to combat the treat from dirty air and pollutants in the fight against Covid-19 Coronavirus. Learn More

15 May 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd partially opens its Bedfordshire office and warehouse from 18 May 2020. The office hours will be 12-5pm. Social distancing will be adhered too. Limited sales staff will operate with most still working from home.    

14 May 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd release Covid-19 Coronavirus method statement for use on sites where engineers or sub contractor engineers are working.

See Statement Here: Coronavirus method statement

14 May 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd will open its Kempston office and warehouse operations from 12 to 5pm on Monday 18th May. Limited sales staff will work from that branch until normal operations return. In the meantime they can be contacted via the email address below.

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05 May 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd release new spring/summer 2020 cooling offer brochure.

30 April 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd release the Orionair IO220V Retro-fresh Air Conditioning and Duct Ioniser for sterilisation of HVAC equipment. Click here further information.

14 April 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd is proud to announce project "Kaspa" a new range of products and treatments to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. These include temperature cameras, ionisers, foggers and UV sterilisation equipment. 

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26 March 2020: Covid19 Update on operations: Orion AC&R Ltd has closed its office and warehouse operations as of  Friday 20th March due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our office telephone line is non-contactable until staff return. All sales staff are now working from home, they can be contacted via the email address below and distribution operations are still in place for products showing the "BUY NOW" tab including air conditioning, heating and fan products. All on-line orders are still being fore fulfilled at this time. Products from Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Hitachi, Lg, Carrier, Midea and many others are not effected and are still available for delivery in the UK. We hope to be back to normal operations as soon as government guidelines advice.

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17 March 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd will close its office and warehouse operations from 5pm Friday 20th March and will remain shut until at least 3 April 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak that is now effecting the UK and EU. Due to UK government advice we will shut all office and warehouse operations for 14 days from 5pm Friday 20th March.  All sales staff will work from home and can be contacted via the email address below.

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24 January 2020

Orion AC&R Ltd agree a new distribution agreement with H & H Service Barbados to distribute HVAC products to the Caribbean, including Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Martin, US and British virgin islands, Grenada as well as Guyana.  Read More


02 January 2020: Orion AC&R Ltd open after Christmas holiday break.  

04 December 2019: Orionairsales are now using Facebook messenger as its main on-line chat agent for product support and sales enquiries after phasing out our original live-chat platform.

Combat heaters now live on the heater section of the website. Ideal for heating large warehouses and open plan areas..


31 October 2019: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning R32 systems roll out. New FDTC R32 cassette range now released to market. 

19 October 2019: 

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18 October 2019: 

30 April  2019: 


18 March 2019: 


29 January 2019: 


27 January 2019: Climaveneta’s range of small to medium sized, cooling only chillers efficiently and easily adapt to a wide range of cooling capacities. 

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17 January 2019: 

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07 January 2019: 

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04 January 2019: 

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21 December 2018: Orion Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Limited close for Christmas holiday from 21/12/18 to the 02/01/19.

20 December 2018: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning release service and support handbook for assistance in diagnosis of RAC and PAC systems, see link below for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning handbook.

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Orion Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Limited Launch New Design Website with intuitive search, upgraded members area, better user interface and experience.

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