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Commercial Heat Pump Air Curtains

Air curtains are designed to allow open door trading in retail, hotel and leisure outlets providing uninterrupted access for passing trade. They can provide significant energy savings, as they prevent conditioned air escaping from the building. Rather than deriving warm air from conventional sources such as direct electric heating or low, medium or high pressure water, air curtains can be linked to VRF or split heat pump air conditioning units, which significantly reduces the energy use.

How it Works

Stale air from the room is taken in and ejected near the door. This creates a 'roll of air' that shields the door area, mixing with the colder incoming air. it then turns away from the door, back into the room and toward the intake screen, where it is partyl drawn in again. this flow of air helps to create a barrier for heat loss yet at the same time refreshes room air. 
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