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Clarke HLPT550 1500Kg Lift Professional High Lift Pallet Truck

Clarke HLPT550 1500Kg Lift Professional High Lift Pallet Truck

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The Clarke HLPT550 1500Kg Lift Professional High Lift Pallet Truck is an essential tool for factories and warehouses, designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with precision and ease. Featuring a scissor action frame with rear stabilisers, this pallet truck securely lifts loads to a maximum height of 820mm, making it ideal for environments where higher lifting is required. Its sturdy steel construction, complemented by a chrome-plated three-stage ram, ensures durability and rugged usage, suitable for tough daily operations.

This high lift pallet truck is equipped with a 3-position trigger that includes a neutral setting for safe handling and controlled release of loads. With a maximum capacity of 1500kgs for lifting stages 1 and 2, and 770kgs for lifting stage 3, it offers versatile lifting capabilities. The truck conforms to European TUV standards and EN standards, ensuring safety and quality. The fork width is 160mm, with a distance of 230mm between the forks, and an overall width of 550mm to the outside of the forks, providing a narrow design that allows for 4-way pallet entry, enhancing its utility in tight spaces.

Weighing 100kg, the Clarke HLPT550 is robust yet manageable, with a fork length of 1150mm that accommodates a variety of pallet sizes. Its lifting height ranges from a minimum of 85mm to a maximum of 820mm, catering to different operational needs. This pallet truck is an excellent choice for professionals seeking a reliable, high-capacity lifting solution that combines safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Whether you're handling goods in a factory or managing inventory in a warehouse, the Clarke HLPT550 offers superior performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Scissor action frame with rear stabilisers enables loads to be securely lifted to 820mm
  • 3 position trigger with neutral for safe handling and controlled release
  • Approved to European TUV standards & conforming with EN standards. Sturdy steel construction with chrome plated three stage ram provides for rugged usage
  • 1500kgs max capacity for lifting stages 1 & 2, 770kgs capacity for lifting stage 3
  • Lifting height min / max - 85mm / 820mm
  • Fork width 160mm
  • Distance between forks - 230mm. Fork length - 1150mm

Technical Specification:

Fork Width 160 mm
Overall Width to Outside of forks 550 mm
Fork Length 1150 mm
Weight 100 kg
Lifting Height. Min./Max. 85-820 mm
Gap between forks 230 mm

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