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Propane & LPG Space Heaters

Arcotherm Fire 45 Dual Voltage Gas Infrared Space Heater Direct Combustion 37Kw/125000BTU 110V/220V

Arcotherm Fire 45 Dual Voltage Gas Infrared Space Heater Direct Combustion 37Kw/125000BTU 110V/220V

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Arcotherm Fire 45 DV Dual Voltage Gas Infrared Space Heater Direct Combustion 37Kw/125000BTU 110V/220V

The Arcotherm Fire 45 DV dual voltage 110V/220V~50Hz Gas Infrared Space Heater sets a new standard in the realm of direct combustion heating solutions. Boasting a powerful output of 37Kw/125000BTU and optimized for 220V operations, this model is designed to deliver warmth efficiently and effectively through its advanced BM2 burner technology. The heater operates with a direct heat flow by radiation, ensuring that air movement is minimized, making it ideal for environments where maintaining air quality is crucial. Its low noise output, combined with electronic flame control and a photo resistance sensor, ensures both a quiet and safe operation. The unit's robust design features hydrocarbon-resistant rubber fuel pipes with a metal casing and a shockproof roto-moulding polythene fuel tank, emphasizing durability and reliability. Additional features such as the possibility of interfacing with a thermostat, humidistat, or timer, a 1.5m power cord with plug, and a stainless steel combustion chamber, underscore the heater's versatility and user-friendliness. With its outer cover cooled by forced air and timed post ventilation for cooling the combustion chamber, the Fire 45 is built for longevity and performance. Its practical design, including the ability to direct and lock the heating cone in position and the inclusion of lifting hooks, makes it a convenient choice for various heating needs.

Key Product Features:

  • Direct heat flow by radiation with no movement of air
  • Low noise level
  • Power supply 110V & 240V~50hZ
  • Dedicated BM2 burner with standard UE components
  • Geared fuel pump
  • Electronic flame control with photo resistance sensor
  • Possibility of interface with thermostat, humidistat or timer
  • Power cord 1.5m with plug
  • AISI430 stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Outer cover cooled by forced air over the complete surface of the cone
  • Timed post ventilation to cool the combustion chamber
  • Fuel pipes in hydrocarbon-resistant rubber with a metal casing
  • Shockproof roto-moulding polythene fuel tank
  • Screw on fuel fuel cap
  • Fuel drain plug
  • Possibility of directing the cone and blocking it in position
  • Lifting hooks

Technical Information:

Model FIRE 45 DV
rated heat power 1st stage
Hs [kW ]
Hs [ kcal/h - BTU/h ]
rated heat power 2nd stage
Hs [kW ]
Hs [ kcal/h - BTU/h ]
39.130 - 155.737
heat efficiency
fuel consumption
1st - 2nd stage [kg/h]
power consumption 230 V
[ W ]
electrical power
[ V - ph - Hz ]
110V / 230V - 1 - 50Hz
tank capacity
[ l ]
pallet quantities
[ pz - pcs ]



MOD A B C Net X Y H Gross
[mm] [mm] [mm] [kg] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg]
FIRE 45  1.410 712 1.053 73 1.027 705 1.036 91


Oil fired heaters have the ability to run on diesel, kerosene, gas oil, derv, heating oil or HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil).

Please note that fuel tanks will need to be emptied prior to being filled with an alternative fuel.

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