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The Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control and 25 L Water Tank cools and humidifies the air with an adjustable humidification level and a built-in ioniser.

A compact, easy to install, all-in-one solution for applications where a outdoor unit is not possible or not preferred. Ideal for office, high rise buildings, conservatory dwarf walls, hotel, home and light commercial air conditioning applications. Heats and cools.

Honda BE-GX200GEN 3.1kW Open Framed Petrol Generator 196cc 115/230V~50Hz

Industrial Heaters

All In One Installation Manual

Lg Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

High capacity dehumidifiers designed for swimming pool areas to control relative humidity and excess moisture. These systems offer varied fan speeds and are versatile enough to deliver high duty dehumidification performance quietly and quickly for any swimming pool area. These dehumidifiers offer options for either continuous running or control via the selectable humidistat. Also available are the advanced humidity stat control models which are particularly suitable for professional dehumidification and unobtrusive operation. No special installation is required as most dehumidifiers can be wall or floor mounted with bracket provided. Ranging from 45 liters to 110 liter extraction per day.

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