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Solar / Heat pump Compatable Hot Water Cylinders
Manufactured from the highest grade, our range of cylinders have a high nickel content, optimising its anti-corrosive qualities ensuring a longer lasting more durable stainless steel cylinder. They are all made using the latest TIG seamless and ‘plasma’ welding techniques at low temperatures avoiding structural changes when joining the metals, making them more robust than many inferior duplex or glass lined products. Insulated with 50mm polyurethane dense foam, heat loss lost being kept to a minimum, our cylinders incorporate up to 15 metres of superior 32mm coil giving them a unrivalled coil rating. This means our heat recovery time performance is also unrivalled. For example, our 200ltr tank can re-heat to 60°C in an incredible 22 minutes using an external heat source. Low maintenance is a key feature of all our product range as we have incorporated a unique inspection hatch allowing the cylinder to be inspected easily and hassle free. 

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