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Midea Air Conditioning LHWMS Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter
The Midea split series Luna air conditioning units offer the latest inverter technology at a great value price. The Two-Direction Air Vane's distribute cool air horizontally and warmed air vertically for a  more even performance.  In cooling mode, air vanes open upward, allowing for even temperature distribution. In heating mode, air vanes open downward, for vertical air flow. The result is a more comfortable and consistent room temperature. The Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) makes the refrigerant volume even in the indoor air conditioner system, which optimises the use of the heat exchanger and improves energy efficiency.  Furthermore the EEV improve the performance under different temperature conditions and makes room temperature control more precise. The high wall mounted split units come in 4 models; LHWMS09, LHWMS12, LHWMS18 and LHWMS24.

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