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L'Unite Hermetique/Tecumseh Condensing Unit R22 High Back Pressure High Start Torque - CAE9460TMHR

Our Price: £506.22
L'Unite Hermetique/Techumseh Condensing Unit R22 High Back Pressure High Start Torque - CAE9460TMHR

L'Unite Hermetique/Techumseh Condensing Unit R22 High Back Pressure High Start Torque - CAE9460TMHR

L'Unite Hermetique manufacture a complete range of air cooled condensing units for use on R404a, R134a and R22. The range extends from 1/2hp up to 6.1/2hp. Condensing units are available in single or three phase depending on the model.

The range is broken down into seven families relating to the "body" size of the compressor. Each one of these families offers compressors that may be used on low back pressure, medium back pressure and high back pressure applications. 

There are many options available within the different family groups extending their ranges further.

Some of these options are:

Single and Twin fan units
HP/LP and crankcase heaters as standard on (T)FH and TAG units
Compressors for Parallel mounting
Valve and tube connections
HTA range of units designed for ambient temperatures up to 46 deg c

L'Unite Hermetique condensing units are supplied charged with oil and a holding charge of nitrogen.

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