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Industrial Electric Heaters And Electric Space Heaters
Commercial / Industrial Heaters: Single and 3 phase Industrial Electric Heaters and Portable electric heaters with something for everyone from the 3kw to 100kw. Popular for heavy duty commercial / industrial use. Defined by their large heat output and unrivalled durability. Brands include Arcotherm, Kroll, Broughton, Fral, Master and Munters.

How much heating power do you require for your area?: A basic rule of thumb is a minimum of  33watts(W) per meters cubed (m3). Example: An area(A) of 250 m3  requires (A)250x33(W)= 8.25 Kw / 28000 Btu.


Some models have the ability to heat up to four area's from one heater or deliver warm air down 15m of ducting.  Click here for ducting accessories


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