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Electrolux Portable Air Conditioning EXP09HN1WI (9000BTU / 2.6kw) Heat Pump

Our Price: £349.99
Electrolux Portable Air Conditioning EXP09HN1WI (9000BTU / 2.6kw) Heat Pump
Electrolux Portable Air Conditioning EXP09HN1WI (9000BTU / 2.6kw) Heat Pump
Electrolux Portable Air Conditioning EXP09HN1WI (9000BTU / 2.6kw) Heat Pump

The Electrolux EXP09HN1WI is a high performance portable air conditioner featuring the latest heat pump and energy saving technology. The unit is fitted with tough casters so that it can be easily moved from room to room and a ducted exhaust hose with a unique window closure plate which keeps the window gap shut to aid the system to vent the hot air to the outside of the building Usually there would need to be holes in walls or a window left ajar. The auto restart after power failiure function gives the unit the ability to work in critical heating or cooling applications such as a server room. Fully adjustable louvers for full air directional control.

Key Product Features:
  • Heat pump
  • Remote Control
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Oscillating air vanes for dissipation of cold air
  • 24 hr Timer Feature
  • High efficiency air filters to remove odors and particles
  • Anti-mold coating for hygienic operation
  • Sleep Function

Technical Data:
Model Size 9K Btu 12K Btu
Market UK UK
Brand Electrolux Electrolux
Model Number EXP09HN1WI EXP12HN1WI
EAN 7332543283248 7332543283255
PNC 950 003 016 950 003 017
Collection CompactCool CompactCool
Energy Class 2013 (Cooling/Heat pump) A/A+ A/A+
Rated Cooling Capacity (W) 2,622 3,374
Rated Heating Capacity (W) 2,323 3,004
Dehumidification (litres/hour) 1.2 1.5
Rated EER (W/W) 2.7 2.6
Rated COP(W) 2.82 2.73
Volts/Hertz 220-240V,50HZ 220-240V,50HZ
Amps (Cool) 4.4 5.7
Amps (Heat) 3.6 5.0
Rated Watts (Cooling) 960 1290
Rated Watts (Heating) 810 1070
Maximum Rated Input(W) 1200 1600
Maximum Rated Current(A) 6.1 8
Fuse(A) 3.15 3.15
Operating Pressure H/L(Mpa) 4.2/1.5 4.2/1.5
Standby Power (W) 0.5 0.5
Power Cord Length From Unit (m) 1.4 1.4
NEMA Plug Type UK plug UK plug
Controls Electric Electric
Control Panel Location TOP TOP
Fan Speeds (Cool/Fan/Heat) 3/3/3 3/3/3
Auto Fan YES YES
Energy Saver YES YES
Sleep Mode YES YES
24 Hour On/Off Timer YES YES
24 HourTimer ON and Timer OFF YES YES
Clean Air Ionizer (Ion Generator) OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Dry (dehumidifcation) YES YES
Full Auto (Unit sets mode) YES YES
Remote Control Size 134*55*25 134*55*25
Air Volume (CFM) (High/Med/Low) 386/327/305 386/327/305
Motor RPM (High/Med/Low) 780/680/600 780/680/600
Air Discharge Top of Unit Top of Unit
Air Direction Control Swing Swing
Noise Level dB(A) in Sound Power (Hi/Mid/Low) 63/60/57 64/61/58
Noise Level dB(A) in Sound Pressure (Hi/Mid/Low) 52/49/44 53/50/45
Filter Access Rear Top Rear Top
Cabinet Color White and Gray White and Gray
Rear Grill YES YES
Accessories Included YES YES
Front Material HIPS HIPS
Textile cover YES YES
Warranty YES YES
Safety LVD LVD
Dimensions / Specifications:
Refrigeration R410a R410a
Charge (grams) 440 550
UNIT SIZE(W/D/H)(cm) 46.5*39.7*76.4 46.5*39.7*76.4
CARTON SIZE(W/D/H)(cm) 52.5*44.5*87.0 52.5*44.5*87.0
Carton Type Full color carton Full color carton
Recommended Stack Height 3 3
Unit Weight (Kg) 30.5 34.0
Shipping Weight (Kg) 34.5 37.5
Textile protection Yes Yes
Approximately Room Size (m²) 18 24
Global Warming Potential, GWP 2100 2100

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